101 Ways To Make Your Eyes Up

1. If you have a tough time using soft eyeliner pencils, draw a thick line onto your hand, use a stiff eye brush to choose up the pigment and then apply to your eye.
2. need eye drops but don’t want to ruin your makeup? Breathe air in through your nose as you drop them into your eyes. Your tear ducts can suck in the drops before they have a chance to drop down your face.
3. Use a flesh coloured liner on the water rim of your lower lash line to make eyes look bigger and brighter.
4. Apply a shimmery champagne color in the inner corner of your eyes to brighten your whole face.
5. Apply highlighter onto your brow bone.
6. Swap out your neutral black or brown liner for a brilliantly coloured one instead.
7. Apply concealer to your under-eye circles once foundation (not before) to better camouflage them.
8. Use eye shadow made for your eye color, like Almay Intense i-Color Kit ($7.49, drugstore.com).
9. To correct eye makeup mistakes or sharpen a cat eye, dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and erase the sinningmakeup.
10. to make your eye color stand out, apply black liner round the entire eye, together with the water line.
11. rather than swiping on eye shadow, press the colour into your protective fold with a brush or finger. this mayprovide your lids a additional pigmented look.
12. Keep a clean eye shadow brush or Q-tip in your purse. Whenever you enhance your makeup, run it over your lidsto induce eliminate any excess shadow that has collected within the crease.
13. Camouflage crow’s feet with lighter coloured concealer.
14. Use blue eyeliner to form the whites of your eyes seem brighter.
15. Apply eye cream below the eyes and onto the lid before applying your makeup. it’ll make it endure smoother.
16. For a dramatic eye, apply darker shadow to the crease, also as alittle triangle of color at the skin corner of your eye.
17. Use copra oil as an all-natural eye makeup remover. It’s mild, but effective.
18. when you’ve applied your eye makeup, dab dots of highlighter on the brow bone and around your eye and mix into embellish the entire space.
19. Apply product to your delicate eye area using your ring finger, which uses less force than your alternativefingers.
20. to get a classic smoky eye look, mix a little bit of shimmer, tons of of|loads of} dark eye shadow and an entirelot of smudging.
21. Use a darker shade of concealer to hide up puffy eyes. Darker colours recede, which means bags look less pronounced.
22. If you wish a additional defined look, use a creamy black eye pencil to rim your eyes.
23. To combat eyes that area unit each puffy and dark, use a watch cream with inbuilt coverage, like Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream ($98, caudalie.com).
24. you can use darker shades of nude and brown to make a delicate smoky eye look that works on everybody.
25. the foremost vital rule once sporting a smoky eye is that if you go dark, keep the remainder of your face soft.
26. Use 2 colours that are similar however different (like light purple and dark purple) on the lids to makedimension.
27. If your eyes area unit brown, use blue shadow to actually create them stand out.
28. For a singular look, dab a brilliantly coloured cream shadow on the inner corners of your eyes.
29. If you have got blue eyes, apply a peach color everywhere your lids and beneath your eyebrows to actuallycreate them stand out.
30. To any mix a smoky eye, swipe a similar color you utilize on your lids on your bottom lash line.
31. Rub AN cube over puffy eyes within the morning to cut back swelling.
32. Don’t be afraid to increase your shadow well higher than the crease for a dramatic impact. rather than anintensely dark shadow, a fashionable café au lait shade appearance less harsh.
33. Apply a light coloured, cream-based bright shadow to the attentionlid to open the eye.
34. change out your mascara every three months. once it involves your eyes, it’s higher to be safe than sorry.
35. ne’er use liner within the inner initial third of the eye; it’ll create eyes appear nearer set.
36. If you have got inexperienced eyes, attempt purple eye shadow shades appreciate lavender, violet, or amethyst. Keep the colour sheer thus it won’t look tawdry. For makeup, a deep plum is ideal.
37. produce a triangle of opaque white shadow within the within corner of the attention and up towards the brow to instantly amendment the form of your eye.
38. If you’re perpetually arousal to puffy eyes, take into account dynamical your detergent. you will be allergic.
39. Apply a primer before eye shadow to relinquish it lasting power and to accentuate the colour.
40. If you have got blue eyes, select a heat copper, shiny gold, or made brown eye shadow. Chocolate is a wonderful shade selection for makeup.
41. try a black liner with pale eye shadow everywhere the lid and a darker shade in the crease to form the eyes pop.
42. If you have got brown hair, use peach and warm neutrals on the eyes.
43. If you have got red hair, use neutral eye shadow shades that don’t vie with the hair.
44. Dark eye shadows will be applied with a moist, skinny coat the higher or lower lash line for an outlined eyewhich will last all day.
45. Since dark createup will make the eyes recede, add depth with bright highlight shades.
46. You’ll in all probability would like less eye shadow than you’re thinking that you may. begin with a smalllittle bit of product on your brush, and work it outward to make a soft smoke.
47. Erase arduous lines of eye shadow by mixing in with a brush.
48. Once you’ve applied concealer to dark under-eye circles, follow up with a yellow-based setting powder to assist it last longer and to counteract dark circles (yellow cancels out blue and purple).
49. If you’ve applied an excessive amount of eye shadow, take a Q-tip and dip it into a moisturizer and gently swipe off the tone you wish to require down. Then, take your little finger or a sponge tip applier and simply dab on a small amount of a neutral shadow to melt the planning.
50. watch out for brown eye shadow shades that area unit scarlet, as they’ll cause you to look tired or (worse) hungover.
51. Ne’er use a watch shadow that’s a similar color as your eyes or nothing can stand out.
52. If you wish a smoky eye in a very pinch, attempt Color On professional kits
53. once drawing a cat eye, follow the outer bottom lash line upward to induce the proper line.
54. If you have got a tough time drawing a line of makeup at the base of the lids, draw dashes and connect by smudging the liner with a Q-tip.
55. when creating a cat eye, keep applying makeup past the length of your hair. you’ll be able to continuouslytake away the surplus, however it will be extremely arduous to elongate a liquid line with exactitude if you’ve stopped timely.
56. Use a palette of stone gray shades for a smoky cat eye. attempt Bobbi Brown Black Pearl Eye Shadow Palette ($47.50, bloomingdales.com) for an excellent vary of colours.
57. For a daytime cat eye, begin at the within of the attentionlid and drag the liquid liner applier all the methodacross the lid to the skin of the eye. once you get to the skin of the attention, move the applier up and dead setproduce a wing impact. don’t create this line {any longer|any more|from now on|any further|to ANy extent further} than an lash to stay it from being too dramatic.
58. Apply shadow before making an attempt a cat eye to confirm you don’t smudge it.
59. If you wish a daytime-appropriate cat eye, apply a layer of shadow, draw on your cat eye, sit up for it to dry, then apply another layer of shadow to tone it down.
60. Tilt your chip up however look down at a mirror once drawing your cat eye.
61. create your cat eye daring by drawing it on with a bright color, rather than your basic black or brown.
62. If you’re having hassle with liquid liner, draw a observe line with a taupe makeup and therefore the trace it with the liquid.
63. If all else fails, attempt a adhesive Eye Rock Designer Liner ($13, birchbox.com) to induce the cat eye you wish.
Lush Lashes
64. Use a lash primer before war paint to form lashes look larger and thicker.
65. Use alittle war paint coat your lower lashes, also because the lashes close to the inner corner of your eyes. A tinier brush makes it easier to grab onto the smaller lashes.
66. Try false lashes. they create your eyes look larger.
67. Apply a dark makeup liner to the foundation of your lashes to form them seem fuller.
68. Skip war paint on the lowest lashes to form eyes seem raised.
69. No ought to stop at one coat of mascara! sit up for the hand coat to dry, then apply another. simply ensureyou’re employing a non-clumping war paint.
70. If you wear glasses, associate with a protraction war paint rather than a volumizing one, which might look clumpy once exaggerated by lenses.
71. Once applying war paint, as you progress the comb up slightly flip it outward to completely separate lashes.
72. Once lining your lashes, push the colour into the lashes thus there’s no gap between your lashes and therefore the line. you wish the liner to seem sort of a a part of your lashes.
73. Layer individual false eyelashes on the highest lash line. Use black war paint on the highest lashes and brown on the lowest.
74. For additional long lashes, place the tip of the war paint coat the outer corners of your lashes initial, do manystrokes, then work your method in. Extending those corner lashes can create your eyes look additional open.
75. Place the war paint wand at the terribly base of your lash, then, employing a region motion, wiggle the wand upwards in one long, even stroke.
76. once employing a lash roller, confine at the bottom, move the roller out, clamp down, move the roller to the ends and confine once more.
77. Use a metal-toothed lash comb to assist separated clumped lashes.
78. Don’t layer totally different mascaras, as some formulas don’t work well along, creating clumps inevitable.
79. Highlight beneath the eyes to embellish the face and produce attention to the eyes.
80. Don’t pump your war paint wand too again and again within the bottle. It pushes air in, which might produceclumps.
81. If your lashes area unit already clumped, take a spiral brush and take away the war paint by moving against the lashes.
82. If your lashes area unit skinny, mud them with semitransparent powder before applying war paint to feature bulk.

eye makeup
83. Once filling in brows, create little hair-like marks together with your brow pencil for a additional realistic look.
84. Use a primer on your eyebrows before applying pencil or powder. It’ll create the merchandise remain for much longer.
85. If you wish a additional outlined hair, use a stencil to assist form them, like Anastasia Brow Stencils ($20, anastasia.net).
86. Use clear war paint to groom your brows and keep them in situ.
87. Once plucking eyebrows, make sure to pluck within the direction of the hair. Otherwise, you may find yourself with an pilus.
88. Once penciling in your brows, extend the tail finish thus it’s higher or at a similar level as wherever the brow begins (never lower, that brings down your features).
89. For a daring nighttime look, use a brow powder that’s a shade darker than you usually wear.
90. If your brows area unit thin, attempt hair care them downward rather than up when you fill in with pencil. This way, the hair can cowl the pencil marks and make a additional natural end.
91. Skinny brows cause you to look older, thus don’t be afraid to faux a fuller look.
92. Ne’er pick off once you’re bored or angry, otherwise you would possibly find yourself popping out quiteyou meant.
93. The very best purpose of the brow ought to be concerning common fraction of the reply, not within themiddle of the brow.
94. Use a brow regrowth humour with active ingredients, like Joey Healy Brow Renovation humour ($125, joeyhealy.com) to assist thin eyebrows grow back in.
95. Ensure brows begin at the bridge of your nose.
96. If you have got a square-shaped face, select a thick brow.
97. If you have got a spherical face, aim for a additional outlined brow arch to form your face seem additionaloval.
98. If you have got a protracted face, select a straight, flat brow form.
99. Don’t feel the requirement to form your eyebrows match your hair color precisely. generally it’s additionaladulatory to travel lighter or darker than your natural color.
100. Bear in mind that brows area unit sisters, not twins, thus no quantity of plucking can ever create them identical.
101. If your eyebrows area unit out of management, then brush them upward with a transparent war paint so trim them ever slightly

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