13 Amazing Halloween Bag Patterns

In just a few more days, the calendar ticks over to October, which means, it’s time to start thinking about your Halloween sewing projects. What could be better than grabbing some spooky fabric and whipping up Halloween bags for all the trick or treaters you know?

From basic bags to more elaborate candy collectors, there’s something for every Halloween DIYer on this list.

1. Spooky Monster Trick or Treat Bags

These fun bags are made from felt. There’s a tutorial for the base bag and then you can spruce them up with spooky monsters and bats, etc.  Felt is so easy to work with that your kids could even put this bag together. There’s no worry about fraying edges and the designs are simple to cut out of the stiffer fabric.

2. Cute Applique Bags

These adorable Halloween bags make use of applique designs available online, but you can also come up with your own. Designed with cotton, the bags are simple enough to sew and have great finishes. You can add trim to your liking and pick any orange or black fabrics to go together.

3. Velcro Spider Tote

Kids will particularly enjoy this bag. It’s a bit more work, but for the intermediate sewer, there’s nothing too complicated on it. Velcro and toy spiders (or any bug you want, really) make this tote extra fun and it will be in use long after the candy is gone.

4. Sturdy Canvas Treat Bag

Anticipating a heavy load of sweets this holiday season? Then you’ll want to use these very reliable bags made from canvas. The heavier woven fabric is ideal for carrying heavy loads and is pretty easy to work with. Square cut handles mean a good grip is simple for little hands, too!

5. Simple Painted Drawstring Bag

If you’re good with a paintbrush, this bag is a great option. It uses some very basic cotton fabric and you just need to paint it with your chosen design. Stripes, witches, pumpkins and black cats are all excellent choices. The post includes the tutorial for making your bag, which has a drawstring and is nice and simple to whip up. You can easily make a number of these and then use them as a fun activity for a Halloween party, where everyone paints their own bag.

6. Felt Candy Corn Treat Holders

Are you a fan of candy corn? Then these quick little candy-inspired bags will make you very happy. They’re made of felt and require just three colors of this synthetic fabric to make. There’s not much more Halloween themed than a candy corn bag and while these are meant for candy, they’ll probably be used for other things, too.

7. Five Little Monsters Bags

Cute, yet simple, these fabric bags can be made in less than an hour. They’re just right for those last minute “I need a treat bag!” moments that all parents have at some point or another.

8. Mini Halloween Favor Bags

These tiny little drawstring bags are perfect for party favors. They’ll hold anything from candy to little toys and look adorable while doing it. All you need are a few scraps or orange or black fabric and some ribbons for the drawstring. Easy peasy!

9. Rustic Halloween Bags 

Looking for something a bit more rustic? Try making your treat bags out of burlap! If you’re worried about the roughness, you can always line the interior with cotton fabric. Burlap does very well with stamps and stencils, so you can easily create a beautiful set

10. Soft Shark Treat Bag

Do you have a little pirate or mermaid who will be trick or treating this year? Any nautical themed costume will work well with this fleece bag designed to look like a shark. Just drop the candy into its fearsome mouth, complete with teeth, and your child will be thrilled!

11. Silhouette Tote

You’ll need to have a pre-made tote bag for this project, but it’s so pretty that it needed to be on this list. Using black fabric, you trace the silhouette of your favorite little witch or wizard and applique it to the bag. Add a few festive touches and you have a sweet little bag, ready for collecting candy. Side note: This would be a great gift for a grandparent without the Halloween decor added.

12. Cute Pumpkin Basket

For something a little different than all the tote bags featured above, you might want to try this fabric basket designed to look like a fat little pumpkin. It will look great hanging on your porch or sitting on the table and can be used to collect candy, as well as for decoration. You’ll want to save it to use year after year as a fall decoration and basket!

13. Patchwork Treat Bags

For those with an interest in quilting, these patchwork bags are a fun way to practice. The patchwork style uses up your scraps of purple and orange and black fabric, while the spiderweb quilting design adds a nice touch.

Creating unique Halloween treat bags is just one way to use your sewing skills for Halloween. Stay tuned for more great ideas in the next month.

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