3 Things you need to know to succeed in fitness

On average the general person workouts 2–3 times per week, that’s 8–12 workouts per month and 96–144 hours in the gym per year. For most those numbers have never been laid out like that before, shocking considering there are 8760 hours per years. Are you getting the same results with your program, ever ask “why”? Are “you” improving, adding more workouts or making adjustments to you nutrition monthly after failing to hit a quota for you body composition or performance goals? Are you doing these 3 things well?

  1. Consistency — this is a point blank answer is if you don’t have consistency you won’t have fitness. The stories of “The Tortoise and the Hare,” who wins? Consistently keep the carbs & alcohol out of your mouth. Consistently consume lean meats and vegetables. Consistently keep working out with the same program, the need for variation could be your Achilles heel.
  2. Hustle —your results are not predicated on your excuses. You have the time, STOP watching “Dancing with the Stars” STOP spending $40 a week on “Starbucks” and get a community (CrossFit) of people that will push you to keep up your Hustle. I think people claim they work hard but I know people can go deeper, work harder, get up earlier, go deeper into your hustle. Figure out what you want to achieve and do what you need to do daily to succeed….HUSTLE! Get uncomfortable and be consistent with your hustle, stop playing video games and drinking wine start prepping meals for the week! Keep hustling, even if you think you hustle, don’t ever peak! Get moving!
  3. Self-Improvement — This I hear daily if not hourly, “I’m pretty good about that” Having the ability to be coached and understanding if you were doing the things that were needed your body or health wouldn’t be in the situation that it is now, would it? The mentors and peers I’ve had the liberty to work with they all have one thing in common, the more they knew the less likely they were to admit it and all avid learners.

Finally if you can implement these 3 pieces in your life and never turn back on improving on a consistent basis, never peaking, you will find success in fitness. We all struggle and keeping great people around you that motion you move foward!

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