5 Steps to Make Your Eye Make up Last Longer

Returning home in the evening with our eye makeup intact is nothing short of a miracle for us women. Whether it’s college or work, party or family function, few women step out of the house without any eye makeup. Eye makeup is perhaps the most essential form of makeup that many can’t live without. Because it’s such an integral part of our daily makeup routine, here are a few steps to help your makeup last longer:

eye make up

1. Cleansing is essential

Taking off makeup before you retire for the night is just as essential as putting it on before leaving the house. Make sure you wipe off every trace of it before sleeping. It’s important that you apply your eyeliner and eye mascara on fresh and clear skin the next morning. This not only helps in easy application, but the makeup looks neater as well.

2. Use a primer

If your eye shadow runs down easily, oily eyelids could be one reason. However, whether you have oily lids or not, it’s always better to prime them before applying eye shadow. Doing so ensures a base for the eye shadow, thereby helping it stay intact for a longer duration. Depending on your preferences, you could either use a clear primer or a pigmented one to add colour.

3. Choose your products wisely

Choose products according to your needs. For instance, a waterproof kajal should be used if you wear it on your waterline and your eyes tend to water. Similarly, use a cream eye shadow if you have dry skin and powder eye shadow in case of oily skin. You can easily find your kind of eyeliner, eye shadow, and eye mascara online. Keep looking till you find the one that suits you perfectly.

4. Right amount of mascara

While you can apply as many coats of mascara on your top lashes, keep it bare minimum on your bottom lashes. A little on the tips of your bottom lashes is sufficient.

5. Use a makeup setting spray

Just like you set your face makeup with loose powder, it’s important to set your eye makeup to make it last longer. Look for best makeup setting sprays online and choose what you like the best.

eye make up2

The above steps can definitely help your eye makeup stay longer and you can continue looking just as stunning without any fear. However, for the above tips to work, it’s important that you use products of good quality.

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