5 Tricks To Make A Plain Shirt Look Cool

During those mornings once your alarm probably did not work, or you got stuck dreaming regarding your next fancy vacation, all you’ll be able to do is rush to urge to the door thus you are doing not get to high school or to figure late. These things don’t extremely offer you a lot of time to combine and match outfits. thus you discover yourself putt on the primary factor that caught your eye. Or going with the simplest piece of vesture to wear – the straightforward shirt.

Some folks will wear this effectively, like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs. however if you’re a woman and need to feature some dynamism to your plain shirt, read on.

We don’t got to wear a branded or an intricately designed shirt to form a fashion statement. a simple plain shirt, regardless of what color, are often became one thing fancy if we have a tendency to apply these tricks:

Wear a statement necklace.
With a horny chunk of necklace, you’ll be able to divert people’s attention from the plainness and monotony of the shirt to a pleasant statement necklace that includes a color that matches or enhances the shirt. this can be an equivalent with however you’re thinking that of putt on a necklace once you feel your decolatage is just too clean. do that to feature a touch of detail to the bareness.

Wear a bold-colored scarf.
Yes, a scarf. Tie it around your neck or just let it drape on your shoulders. Whatever way you wear it, it will definitely add glamour to your plain, boring shirt.

And not only will it help you feel warmer when it is cold, but a bold-colored and a nicely patterned scarf will be a great complement to a plain shirt. When the weather is hot, you can still get away with using a scarf if the material is really light and allows air to pass.

Wear bracelets or a nice watch.
Draw attention to your arms instead of the plainness of your shirt. Wear statement bracelets and a nice watch. Wearing these will give people the impression that you weren’t really that lazy to just put on a shirt – you still had time to put on your arm accessories.

Wear a blazer or a cardigan.
Cover up and make a plain shirt look more coordinated by pairing it with a blazer or a cardigan. This makes you achieve a more formal and preppy look, and it also adds dimension to your plain shirt. A patterned cardigan will look less formal vs a plain, solid one. But whichever one you choose to wear, cardigans and blazers are a definite must-have to make a plain shirt less casual.

Wear a bright lipstick
A bright lipstick says it all. It says, “Look at my lips first before you judge my outfit.” Kidding aside, a bright lipstick will always perk up a plain outfit. Just make sure that you shirt color does not clash with your lip color.

Think of a bold red or brown lipstick worn with a plain black shirt. Or a dark pink lipstick worn with a plain white shirt. each of these scream “supermodel.”

Whichever way you select to do up your plain shirt, what matters the foremost is however confident you’re wearing it. And even if you continue to selected to wear a noticeable shirt with none of my steered tricks, what’s going to still exude is that the confidence and robust mindpower that you just place in sporting that plain shirt. If you seem to be you’re questioning yourself along with your outfit call, likelihood is, others would possibly question it too. thus be assured. After all, no one can extremely care tomorrow regarding what you wore nowadays.

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