Alice Through The Looking Glass- Why Alice wear the ancient chinese costume?

As the Alice Falls Into a Rabbit Hole (Alice in the wonder land 1) was shown SIX years ago, now we come to the Alice through the looking glass ! (give me five-clap)

Alice in the wonderland

Well, first of all, the most most important is , this movie is the posthumous work of Alan Rickman, the Professor Severus Snape

He dubbed for the Absolem the Caterpillar which metamorphose into a butterfly…

Absolem the butterfly

The first narrator in the trailer is his voice (don’t cry, fans)

Although the first reason is worth enough for watching, you may feel lost if you miss the below article.

Doctor Moriarty will also show of in Alice 2, which play a nervous doctor himself but always reckon others are nervous.

Professor Moriarty

And your love Anne Hathaway still so BEAUTIFUL
Anne Hathaway

The fattening Johnny Depp had returned to be slim.
Johnny Depp

And….. Have you even seen any heroine wear the ancient Chinese costume in any fairy tale ?

Yes, you can see it here.
Remember in the ending of Alice I, Alice go to China for business, and in Alice’s Adventures In the wonder land 2, she came back to United Kingdom.
And wear this every- part- is- chinese style dress when joining a dancing party. See, her dress with a shoulder pad which is similar as Vaisramana’s, well which is very “Peking Opera” Style.


And the Firm Clew explained that is showing the headstrong, brave of Alice
headstrong Alice

Though I think the designer must have over meaning in this costume. Other costumes are definitely gorgeous. Otherwise, they will not win the Oscar Academy award for best costume design in Alice 1.

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