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7 Ways to Choose the Best Shorts for Your Body

When I was in secondary school, I had a favourite pair of shorts. They were made by Soffe, I believe, and that theywere the colour of Pepto-Bismol. On one amongst all-time low front corners was a screen-printed image of a try of ballet slippers, and after I rolled the band down, the phrase “get the pointe” appeared simply a few of inches below my belly button. I wore them to athletic facility category a day for 2 years (with a shirt that I […]

Does makeup make you beautiful?

Do you really think tons of makeup makes you beautiful? In today’s society teenage girls surround themselves with makeup and obsess themselves to be beautiful, perfect, or to look more “glam” with tons of different makeup products. This ad wants teens to follow all different kind of products so women can get that “daily dose […]

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Makeup For Dark Skin

The article ‘Cosmetics For Dark Skin’ is focused on those women who need to be contrasted as equivalent with a reasonably cleaned magnificence. Subsequent to perusing this article, you would have the capacity to do your cosmetics in the right way, which will make you more dazzling, hot and excellent. Cosmetics is vital in a […]

Hillary Clinton Campaign Makeup: From Weary to Wow in 60 Seconds

Of course that’s not true. No one can complete a makeup routine in 60 seconds unless she’s Wonder Woman or SuperGirl… or SuperMan. But Hillary’s gotten some pro help for her 2016 campaign — for starters, Jeffrey Slonim, special correspondent at Allure reported that Hillary may poach Barbara Lacy, TV show Veep’s key makeup artist. Barbara has […]


Boundaries are a vital part of any healthy relationship—whether together with your boss, partner, children, or mailman! You probably don’t need your boss modeling bathing suits to induce your opinion. Or your partner to depart for a vacation with friends while not telling you. Or your kids to “redecorate” the house with a box of crayons. Or yourdeliveryman to ask himself into your house for coffee! Boundaries facilitate guarantee none of those situations happen! they assist guarantee a relationship is one in allrespect, support, and […]

50 Best Fashion Tips Ever

Know your Body: recognize your measurements before you look. Not solely can it curtail the time you pay fittinggarments, it’ll assist you opt for outfits that suit your body dead. Among the foremost vital body elements to live area unit your bust, chest, hips and waist. Source:iVillage.com Don’t Go Too Tight Or Too Loose: Dressing for your size does not simply mean nixing garments that area unit too tight from your wardrobe. It conjointly means that you should not wear garments that area unit too saggy. eachcan cause you to look unfashionable . Make Sure you’ll go into Them: There area unit some occasions we’d sacrifice […]


How can you enjoy summer without shorts?

The weather is getting oppressive boiling. Are you ready for the summer? As a member of Barelegged girls, short pants are one of the necessary items for summer. Compared with skirts, shorts are more functional and no need to worry about any accidental exposure happens. But how to look gorgeous by wearing shorts? Denim Shorts No any other items […]

3 Things you need to know to succeed in fitness

On average the general person workouts 2–3 times per week, that’s 8–12 workouts per month and 96–144 hours in the gym per year. For most those numbers have never been laid out like that before, shocking considering there are 8760 hours per years. Are you getting the same results with your program, ever ask “why”? […]

5 Steps to Make Your Eye Make up Last Longer

Returning home in the evening with our eye makeup intact is nothing short of a miracle for us women. Whether it’s college or work, party or family function, few women step out of the house without any eye makeup. Eye makeup is perhaps the most essential form of makeup that many can’t live without. Because […]