Beauty Tricks for Large Forehead


A big forehead has always been a beauty issue so if you are always looking around to find a new way of camouflaging it, know first that it is a benefit. Mostly regarded as a beauty flaw, people with big foreheads have always been convinced to adjust hairstyles to hide away the size of their heads when in fact, they could use it to their advantage. As a result they feel socially awkward or even depressed about it. Some may fail to gain the confidence to sustain a conversation with friends because they feel inadequate and weird. It is crucial to admit that every feature on us has its own special place that should never be ignored. The big forehead problem does not need to bother you anymore. However, if you feel insecure and need to camouflage it there are exciting options for you.

Big Head advantage

According to many researchers, your big forehead is not only a sign of high intelligence but also that of a sensitive person who is quick to understand an connect. This also means you are likely to be more emotionally stable than small forehead-sized people. The major problem comes when the perception of small forehead-sized people having an easier time with a wide variety of hair-styles discriminates against the big forehead-size ones. As a result, both genders considered with generally big foreheads commit a lifetime of bobs, feathers, steps, and bangs as the only big forehead hairstyle available to hide away their shame.

The truth is; a wide variety of trendy hairstyles favor your big forehead. First ensure that you use a highlighter to add extra shine on your face to make it gleam in the sun or any light. Consider smoothing the texture of your skin before the highlighter.

Since you need to create first impressions intently at occasions, it would be vital to use a style that makes you confident and comfortable. The most common and best suited would be the bangs. However, rather than being traditional and keeping in your comfort zone, you may play with a variety of bang styles. For example; add volume to the frontal bangs simply with a blower dryer after using a round brush and separating them while combing to straighten them. You may also use curler to modify or the outward blower for variety.


It would also be fun to experiment creating volume with layers. Since a long forehead translates into a longer face, wavy and big volumes of hair will bring balance to the head shape by widening it. You may then change from flat straight hair which exaggerates the long face making it look longer than it actually even from a distance.

You may also balance with blush by choosing a brightly colored rosy toned blush for the cheekbones. Peach also works fine with a blush brush. More application upwards on the temple lifts up the face and minimizes the exaggerated size of your big forehead.

High Forehead

For a high forehead, wigs come in handy. The wigs will also give you an opportunity to extend to a variety of colors ranging from casual party or classic wedding night. Try several common styles with heavy volumes of hair over the forehead.

Apart from high forehead bangs, baby-cut and front hair layers should be your default best friends. Also focus on make-up contours to create the optical illusion of a lower forehead. Using a bronzer along your hairline ensuring its darker than the foundation, build the contour of a smaller forehead. Blend the bronzer into the foundation to make it look natural.

Shaping Brows

Shaping eye brows has been used to celebrities to help lift up the face while reducing the visual distance on the area between the hairline and eyebrows. By opening up the eye area, heightened eye brows help to create balance. If, however, the eye brows were sparse, use a pencil to first fill them and in a shade matching the brows, use short hair-like strokes for a desirable look for you.

Perhaps the quickest of options easily ignored is covering up with a cute hat. A hat will cover up some of the forehead while revealing your own personal style and confidence. It is also widely applicable from a day on the beach where you will need a floppy hat to a wedding night dance.

Creating Optical Illusions

Contouring techniques are the best and most effective methods of creating optical illusions when seeking to camouflage a high forehead. Experts say, it is important to remain subtle by maintaining only a couple shades of foundations. After applying a lighter and darker one, use the lighter one; use the latter in the middle of the face and the darker on the sides. Avoid lines on the jaws. If done correctly, you will achieve a soft effect which creates the illusion of your eyes towards the center significantly reducing your forehead.

In conclusion, there is nothing to worry about if you have a big forehead. However, if this is a source of insecurity bothering you and affecting your confidence in social gatherings, you can choose make-up, hairstyles or both to create a lasting impression on people while giving yourself the confidence you need to stay proud of yourself. The correct way of using make-up to your advantage is focusing on the favorite features while ignoring the spots you are not very fond of. The most popular, cheapest, quickest and friendliest of hairstyles would be heavy curls of bangs.

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