The Best Skincare Book

This skincare book helped me get rid of my acne, and improve the elasticity and firmness of my face!

There is a great book out there that many people don’t know about. I know this because whenever I mention the author’s name, the book name, or even techniques and tips from the book, people look at me like I’m speaking in a different language.

This book is called The Skincare Revolution, by Chizu Saeki.

As a middle schooler, my face was ridden with acne. I had a large cystic bump on the tip of my nose, which would come back no matter what I did. I used products like Neutrogena RapidClear Foaming Scrub, and paired that with facial washes like Neutrogena Natural Fresh Cleanser in an attempt to get rid of it.

It didn’t work.

The end result was that my face was exhausted from being subjected to so many chemicals. I didn’t give my skin time to heal itself. Because I was using the abrasive RapidClear scrub, skin near my mouth and cheeks was white and flaky. Most people would be smart enough to realize that my skin was being dehydrated, and desperately needed moisture… But I wasn’t most people.

I was all wrapped up in the concept that products would fix my skin problems. Acne? Go buy a salicylic acid acne treatment, or something that had that. Blemishes? Biore Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser. Wrinkles? Sunscreen. But this mindset is sometimes terrible, because using a lot of products can do more harm than good.

A perfect example was when my skin became flaky and white. It had stayed that way for a couple days, but instead of stopping the RapidClear scrub and washing my face morning and night, I continued to do it, until one day my skin became so sensitive that simply touching it hurt.

This was when I knew… I fucked up.

This is the starting point of when I began to stop being such a brainwashed idiot who bought products thinking that they’d remedy my ailments. I believe that a lot of people are like this, and buy products whenever a problem comes up, rather than try to reverse the damage or stop using whatever product they think may have caused it. In my situation, I used the RapidClear scrub to make my acne and cystic bump go away. In return, I gave myself another problem: flaky dry skin that burned.

Immediately, I used a moisturizer to give my face as much hydration as it could take. But the damage was already done, and it took weeks before my skin felt even somewhat soft and supple. The moisturizer I used was Vaseline Aloe lotion. It’s very light but was gentle enough so that my skin didn’t burn when I applied it.

Now, at this point, I’m pissed. I’m angry that no matter what products I use my acne won’t go away. The big cystic bump on my nose is still victorious, and he has his army of gross red dots and white pimples on my face, and these nasty black heads around the wings of my nose. I’m just not happy, and most of all disappointed that my money was wasted. I feel like I’m never going to get rid of my acne, and this is bothering me a lot.

Defeated, I take to the internet, and my favorite search engine: Google. I search and click and open more tabs until I don’t even know how I got to where I was. An Asian skincare forum, and all these recommendations on a book called The Skincare Revolution. Everyone is raving about how it’s very gentle and straightforward, and effective, too. It was on eBay, for about 10$, so I bought it.

When it came in, I was surprised that the book was normal-sized, because I knew the books had pictures in it, and was worried the images would be too small for me to follow along. But everything was fine. From this point onwards, following the book’s instructions, my skin improved immensely. And to this day, I rely on the techniques it has.

I love it because it isn’t telling me to buy X lotion or Y toner. It doesn’t even use toners in this book. Instead, it teaches people to massage the skin, and learn to READ the skin.

Yep, read the skin.

It sounds weird, and a little stupid. But the idea is very simple. Your skin is trying to communicate with you. Your skin is dry, and there are scabs near your nose. What do you do? You need to hydrate it. Your skin is very oily and you are getting white zits. What is the cause? Most likely it’s excess oil. Wash your face gently, but take care to not over dry it.

It’s little things like this that allow you to work towards the big end goal — more beautiful skin. What comes with this is a better understanding of your skin. What works for you, and what doesn’t. Just because it says on the directions part of a wash to use once in the morning and once at night, doesn’t mean you should. Or that because this skincare regime works for someone else, it’ll work for you. Rather, you should try to adjust it accordingly to better fit your skin type.

I’ve come to realize that while products are great, and help people get to their goals, you have to be able to use them effectively for them to do any good. If you just put them on and have no idea what you’re doing, like I did, then you’ll harm your skin rather than help it. You’d also come to realize that half the products you have, you don’t even need.

I have about 6 washes. And I only use 2, and not even every day. The two washes I use are my PanOxyl benzoyl peroxide cream wash and my Noxzema cream. The Noxzema is very gentle and when I wash it off with warm water, my skin feels soft and not stripped of oils. When I use PanOxyl, my skin feels a little dry, but that is because it has benzoyl peroxide. That’s why I don’t use my PanOxyl very much, unless I’m having a few red bumps (the ones that turn into zits) or something.

The only moisturizer I use in the morning is my CVS brand moisturizer, which has some sunscreen protection.

At night, I just wash my face using one of the two washes I mentioned above, or sometimes not at all. I know that this will give me some red bumps in the morning sometimes, or if I’m lucky, none at all, but I enjoy letting my skin be natural and get a little oily. It’s good for your skin, just like how some girls will not wash their hair for a while so it’ll get a little greasy.

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