How to Dress Business Casual – Some Nailing Summer Business Casual Dressing Tips For Career Women


With the changing weather, the way we dress also changes. The scorching summer heat makes the work dresses almost unbearable and that makes really difficult for women to choose what to wear to work, that neither look that much minimalist nor it looks that much fussy.

As a matter of fact, business casual outfit ideas are really difficult to find but fortunately, we have tons of online guides that will help you find an appropriate casual office attire within no time. But how is it possible you can stay in your budget while keeping your look simple yet attractive?

Don’t panic, we have you covered. We have rounded up an ultimate guide that will help you find casual work outfits without breaking your bank. So let’s get started.

How to Dress Business Casual – Some Outfit Tips, Ideas, and Advice:

Before diving into dos and don’ts of business casual for women, it is really important to understand what it actually is and how can a woman look stylish even in the business casual dress. So ladies, grab your notes and take cues from the post below.

What is Business Casual For Women?

There are several ways a business casual for women can be defined. Think of it as a hybrid of business professional and casual wear. You don’t have to wear a full strapless dress to the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go with something stylish yet extraordinary.

For the majority of career women, business casual is something that they can pair up with flip-flops, but as a matter of fact, it is a Big NO, NO. In the fashion language, business casual is an everyday requirement. You can mix the elements of formal wear with the casual wear in order to get your perfect business casual look. Like you can always wear a blazer, suit skirt or pants but you don’t have to wear them together.

In addition to styling, it is always best to choose the colors for your business casual dresses wisely. Nothing can beat the grace of the business casual dresses in the neutral colors like black, brown, gray, navy, beige and white. You can start with the basic pieces in neutral tones while adding a pop of colors that can stop you from being boring and tedious.

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Business Casual For Women:

When duty calls for business casual, there are lots of questions that come to your mind and we know that because we deal with the same blues. But you don’t have to deal with the sadness anymore because we have piled up a list of dos and don’ts to keep in mind for extremely stylish business casual outfits.

#1: White Button Down Should Be Your MUST HAVE for A Business Casual:

Are you contemplating on buying a black button down instead of white one? Well, if so, you need to rethink your choice because a business casual attire is totally incomplete without a white button down. Although you can always add colors to your look by swapping the white dress shirt with something little vibrant, sometimes, nothing can compare the good deeds of a white button down that can complement each and every piece in your wardrobe.

You can pair it with suit trousers for a more casual yet stylo look.

#2: Not In Button Down Mood? Swap It With a Tee With Structured Jacket:

We know, you are not always in the mood to go with a tedious white button down and we have a great alternative for that as well. You don’t always have to go with a uniform even on your work and that is why we have got an option for you. Rather than going with a crisp button-down, you can beat the heat with a flowy fitting blouse or even with a tee but that paired with a nice structured jacket.

Make sure to keep your colors neutral in that too, in order to maintain a good work attire.

#3: Do Relax A Little:

As we are focusing our business casual attire for the summer season, so it is really important for you to achieve a more relaxing look that you can easily handle on 100oC day. Wearing light fabrics can do the trick as they are ultra-light in weight and can also help to keep you cold in the blazing sun. You can go with the fabrics like cotton and linens in lighter tones like creams and khakis, that you can simply pair up with dark wash jeans.

You can also pair a nice tee with a lighter blazer, jeans, and pumps.

#4: Don’t Expose A Lot of Skin:

You don’t want a “slut” title, especially when you are working in a highly authorized company. If so, here’s a tip – DON’T wears cleavage-baring tops and dresses ever or anything that exposes a lot of skin. We recommend you wearing something that covers your whole body like jeans and sober jeans instead of a strapless top or a short skirt with bare legs. We know you don’t want to wear that to work, but sometimes you can go with the change but the tip here is, avoid such clothes unless you know your office very well.

#5: Accessorize – But Don’t Overdo It:

We know all ladies love accessorizing and going with accessories don’t harm your business casual unless you are overdoing it. Simply go with the necessary items that can embellish and enhance your looks, but here’s a friendly advice, don’t wear anything that can distract others like clanking bangles, those hefty earrings or even the shoes that makes annoying sounds.

Simply go with a decent wristwatch, tiny cute studs and a bracelet that doesn’t make a distracting sound.

#6: Invest in Comfy Yet Classy Pair of Shoes:

Leave your limo shoes at home when your business day calls for a business casual attire. Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to go with a pair of sneakers. In the summer season, you can go with the high heels that you find comfortable to walk in or you can also opt for loafers or Oxford if you want something flat yet flattering.

Simply avoid your weekend casual sneakers and those limo shoes for work.

#7: Always Wear The Third Item:

You can go with those comfy tees and the jeans that all the fashion designers have allowed for the business casual look, but try to pair it with a third item. You might be wondering about a third item, what could it be? Ever think of a blazer, cardigan or even a scarf? If not, it’s the time to go with such items that will give your outfit a little icing.

#8: Pay Attention to Your Hair and Makeup:

Not only your dressing needs to be perfect in regards to the business casual attire, but also, you need to pay attention to your hair and makeup as well. We are not saying that you have to go for everyday salon and spa appointment, but, you need to have a haircut that will make your hair look perfect all the time and some skin care regimen that can make your skin shine all the day long. After all, going casual for work doesn’t mean you can’t put makeup on.

Go with subtle makeup and the shades that work perfectly with your attire. Peachy blush should be your must and o don’t forget to give your lips a tint as well.

Business Casual for women doesn’t need to be a rocket science. Simply follow these tips and fit perfectly in your work environment.


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