Why Kaftans are your ultimate fashion choice

If you adore that richly embellished and relaxed elegance of 70s fashion, you’ll love that Kaftans are having a moment right now. The glitterati are holidaying in them, the young and fabulous are relaxing in them on weekends, and the rich and gorgeous are swanning around cocktail parties in them.  The over the top, embellished kaftan is as chic as ever!

What is a Kaftan?

For the uninitiated, a kaftan is a cross between a dress and a shirt, making a rectangle shaped design that usually has batwing sleeves and a deep v neck front.  Made of cotton or linen for day and the beach, or silk and satin with loads of embellishment for night, a kaftan flatters every shape and size of figure, and is a relaxed fit for every occasion.


While the shape of a kaftan is relaxed and easy to wear, the design of kaftans is where the fun comes in.  Bringing a riot of color and patterns to the design is what makes kaftans so fun.  Clashing colors, stunning hues, embellishments in sequins and jewels – kaftans bring that pop to your look that you want for either a boho-indie look or a stylish evening glamour.

Wearing a Kaftan

Kaftans are one of the easiest fashion pieces to wear.  Because they sit so beautifully and never cling, no matter if you are petite or plus size, a kaftan will suit your figure.  Choose a midi or short kaftan for day as you’ll want to wear to the beach over your favourite swimsuit or bikini.  The classic shape of a kaftan means it can replace your beach shirt, tunic or kimono as a beach cover up.  For some added style, wear with leather boho sandals and stacked bangles in wooden designs and some beads for a classic indie look.

For night time, our favourite look is to choose a richly embellished silk maxi kaftan, and add lots and lots of bling.  Clashing metals and big costume jewels look gorgeous with a kaftan to get the most out of the look.  Don’t be scared to add big cocktail rings on both hands, mixed metals in your stacked bangles and necklaces, and long earrings.  If you’re game, add more of a 70s vibe with a scarf wrapped elegantly.  So chic.


Kaftans for Everyday Wear

Even away from the beach and with no cocktail in hand, your kaftan can become your best wardrobe friend.  Versatile in cut and flattering for every day, you can get lots of wear from your kaftan by wearing it over your favourite pair of blue jeans or leggings for day.  The perfect weekend style for lunch with girlfriends or for shopping, you’ll feel beautiful and right on-trend with your kaftan on for every daywear too.

And, as the weather turns cooler, your kaftan can be worn like a tunic.  Over your jeans, opaque tights or with long leather boots, wear with a faux fur vest or classic denim jacket to get wear out of your kaftan every day of the year!

The classic kaftan is one of our favourite fashion looks.  And, if you think a little creatively, you’ll be able to wear your kaftan as an investment piece for day and night, summer and cooler days, weekends and vacations.


By Kathryn Porritt

Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bondi Lifestyle, your beach fashion online shop filled with a curated collection of kaftans, beach dresses and tunics to buy online inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach in Sydney. A celebrated author and an experienced stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine beach style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online beach fashion collections that are shipped worldwide from Australia.

2016 Fall Office Fashion: what to wear to work

THE CLOSET STRUGGLE IS REAL. As writer and feminist Caitlin Moran puts it, “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she extremely suggests that is, ’There’s nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” professional ladies are perpetually tying to steer an not possible tightrope between dressing professionally and stylishly—and that’s even before we add the curveball of an outfit that needs to work for a consumer meeting and a night engagement.


A paired pantsuit is one amongst the staples of office wear, however the stylists suggest breaking up your suits for infinitely additional outfit options. women can sub in a pop of color with a bright blazer like within the rebecca Taylor outfit, above left, pairing with a trouser in an sudden hue, like these in hot-for-fall aubergine. Or Phung suggests that if this can be an excessive amount of color for a conservative office, the appearance are often tempered by replacement either piece with a classic navy version.

fall fashion3

In blouses, among the major trends for fall are turtlenecks and mock necks (as seen above right) and Victorian details (above center), each of that are nice for layering underneath a figured sport coat or something a bit additional fashionable, like this white Tahari vest.

Can your workplace handle a bit ankle showing? both Phung and Maguire love the thought of introducing cropped pants—like these flirty flares—into a piece wardrobe. “They seldom need to be tailored and they loom nice with sandals, booties, you name it,” said Maguire.


Lots of solid coloured frock in jewel tones are creating their appearance this fall—and your closet should celebrate. At left, an emerald green dress (with a questionable hem) may be a pretty example of one of fall’s hottest trends, bell sleeves. Maguire suggests keeping them cropped like this so that they don’t end up on your plate. At center, a fit-and-flare dress with laser cut-outs hits all the correct notes: The cut is figure-flattering, the detailing is on-trend for fall, and also the cutouts are a good way to play with showing a touch of leg whereas keeping the hem in line.

fall fashion

At right, Maguire wished to indicate this dress from Black Halo as an example of a designer that may do a longer, conservative-office-appropriate hem and still create it look great—the lace sleeves and forgiving waist create it wearable and acceptable, and also the cut keeps it from feeling too decorous. And as Maguire notes, it’s higher to travel long on a hem than short so tailor to induce it right. “We will solely drop the hem an in., but we are able to raise it six inches if we want,” he said.

Casual Friday/Weekend

For a less buttoned-up look, Phung suggests denim that’s slightly cropped, like these jeans (left) by baseball player Denim paired with a tie-neck shirt and simple blazer. For mixing up your everyday leggings look, she suggests versions with a textile pattern (right) or a coated look (center). and because this is Houston, the best sweaters to take a position in square measure light or loosely plain-woven knits that may be paired with the proper crisp white shirt—fall is all about layering. even though it’s only for your office AC.fashion

Falbala Flying, Romantic And Decorated

falbela dress

falbela dress

Even a proud and noble show cannot refuse the seduce of frills, and totally melted by its romantic.

falbela dress


Celebrity love it so much, “it” girl Dakota Johnson is one of its big fans.
falbela dress
Falbela offers little sexy for the sweety Darkota
falbela dress
The Cosmos-wide famous Kim wear it with elegant and saucy
falbela dress2
So as the “never-wear-wrong “Miss Chung
 falbela dress
Not only make you look like young maiden , Falbala has more pratical function.
  • Bigger Breast

Crisp Edge and complex curve of Falbela make bust expansive visually. A simple top became stereoscopic.

falbela top

That is to say, Falbela is the best choice of flat-girl.

  • Cover your belly

A delicate falbala edge will help you cover your belly if it is around your waist.

falbela top

  • Decorate your arm

If you have no confidence of your arm and never wear sleeveless. A flouncing sleeve will be best choice.

falbela dress

falbela shirt

  • Slim your leg

Extending outward falbala with its special curve, will perfectly embellish fat thighs. So with the correct flouncing edge on your dress, you will have a slim longleg.

falbela skirt


Ofcourse, falbala is not perfect-in-everywhere, if wrong using, you will became an undescrible thing..

  • Wrong position, shape destroyed

victorian shirtA high-stood falbela neckline Victorian Style shirt will make you became a girl without neck…

  • Risk of looking strong

falbela topA Falbala edge on a cold-shoulder, and especially a stand-up edge, will make you a muscle strong girlfalbela top

  • More Frills, Much Lower Taste

A dress with slim frills everywhere, not only make you look fatter, but also show your lower taste.

low falbela

falbela low


Fashion Trend Forecast of Spring Summer 2017

As 4 key Women’s fashion trends for spring summer 2017 as highlighted by fashion prognostication firm Fashion Snoops at Magic Market Week, this four trends are including : Raw Coast, Arise, La Isla, and Juxtapoze. i will be sharing key details, colors, silhouettes, and retail samples of every trend in this report.

Now on to the four trends, beginning with Raw Coast.

Raw Coast

Here’s however Fashion Snoops describes the trend: “Raw solid defines a replacement shift in minimal art, one that’s heavily unmoving during a natural surroundings and coastal classics, however additionally serves to outline new luxury. it’s a welcome reset once several seasons of mismatched influences and rhythmical energy. With clean lines, organic textures, and refined utility, the mild approach at living is mirrored in breezy layers, use of linen, and natural blues, and many of washed and rumpled surfaces. respect is paid to the ocean with refined maritime references like weatherworn rope or netting details. A ribbon of pure and desaturated color is unfold across the numerous weather worn hues that represent the coast – clay, indigo, stone, and olive. this sense modern} Zen is crucial to the continued journey for relaxed sophistication and wherever rustic meets contemporary.”



“Arise is impressed by the spirit of freedom that comes from associate intense love for your surroundings, furthermore as a decision to action to form a amendment. intimacy is that the battle cry as our world hunt for unity emerges during a world crammed with uncertainty. in depth travels to exotic locales form United States as world voters, whereas non secular connections ar key as we have a tendency to explore new realms of consciousness. Psychedelic substances inspire a metaphysical approach to paint and style. Souvenirs from foreign lands all have their own story to inform, however ar best once bedded unexpectedly. A melting pot of types, Arise encourages United States to be gift, aware and harmonized with today’s school of thought world.”


La Isla

According to Fashion Snoops, the inspiration for La Isla comes from Cuba. “As Cuba opens its doors to the globe, its storied culture and exotic mysteries become a vital style inspiration, inserting specialise in the unfearing spirit of a contemporary man and lady United Nations agency crave the romance of the island’s brilliantly coloured buildings and tropical beaches. Tailored shapes and free-flowing materials prevail, whereas joyful patterns and daring hues live side-by-side with sun-faded pastels and time-honored styling. The walking on air of life and jocund spirit of dressing is as torrential because the peeling paint on the buildings, the music within the streets, and also the lush flowers on the trees. This new battle Havana is wherever the past and gift dance along for a unhappy however forward cross-check tomorrow, celebrating Cuba for its wealthy culture and exciting future.”

la isla


“Juxtapoze addresses a posh individual United Nations agency is heavily endowed in associate abstract present time. As key figures within the gallery scene, the Juxtapoze man and lady ar encircled by visionaries that recall nice style from the architectural vogue style. Loudly celebrating the colourful and absurd, geometric shapes ar mirrored not solely in fine design, however additionally in design and interior style. Juxtapoze defines trendy sophistication, with a wardrobe that comes with tailored parts and a splash of pattern or color for fun. This experimental shift in style is best expressed with compelling combos of surface and form for a wise, trendy look.”


Colors This Season Transcend Cultural And Gender Norms

Colors this season transcend cultural and gender norms. Vivid brights give way to excitement and optimism, although quiet stability prevails during this season’s palette. For Spring 2016 there are really no perceivable distinctions in color selections between the men’s and women’s collections, each of that target a need to breathe and mirror, then play.

The soothing, calming nature of colours within the Spring collections are led by Rose Quartz, a persuasive nonetheless mild tone that conveys compassion and a way of equanimity. sort of a serene sunset, flushed cheek or budding flower, quartz reminds USA to mirror on our surroundings throughout the busy however cheerful spring and summer months.

The fashion and style communities, and consequently, consumers, have been in love with orange for many seasons. coming back to the fore this Spring is, Peach Echo, a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking heat and accessibility. it’s associate degree comprehensive, tempered companion within the teasing orange family.

Weightless and ethereal, just like the expanse of the blue sky above USA, Serenity comforts with a chilled effect, transfer a sense of respite even in turbulent times. A transcendent blue, Serenity provides USA with a naturally connected sense of house.

A maritime-inspired blue, Snorkel Blue plays within the navy family, however with a happier, a lot of energetic context. The name alone implies a soothing vacation and encourages escape. it’s putting nonetheless still, with legion activity detonating from its undertones.

While the bulk of the Spring/Summer palette trends toward calmness, a couple of diversions from the theme emerge that supply a distinction. With Buttercup designers reveal a shining beacon transporting its user to a happier, sunnier place.

A shade of cobalt blue that leans toward the inexperienced family, Limpet Shell is evident, clean and outlined. implicative clarity and freshness, its crisp and trendy influences evoke a deliberate, conscious tranquility.

As in most any season, the necessity for neutrals arises. primarily a basic, the subtlety of the lilac undertone in, Lilac Gray, adds a particular edge to the current classic grey shade.

The high energy Fiesta could be a harbinger of pleasure, encouraging free-spirited exploration to unknown however hospitable locales. a powerful and fiery, yellow-based red, the vivid feast provides a stark distinction to the calming, softer nature of this season’s palette.

A transformation color which will take USA through the seasons, iced coffee manifests as another strong neutral for the season. With its natural earthy quality, the softness and subtlety of Iced Coffee creates a stable foundation once combined with the remainder of this season’s palette.

Green Flash calls on its user to explore, push the envelope and escape the mundane, radiating associate degree openness that mixes with the remainder of the palette in sudden but lucky ways that. the popularity of this brilliant hue is representative of nature’s persistent influence even in urban environments, a trend continued to inspire designers.

18 Summer Fashion Trends and How to Wear It

With the style world finally parting ways that with the likes of minimal art (kind of) and normcore (byeeee), the runways were alight with attention-grabbing trends throughout Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016, most of that area unit wearable IRL. therefore if amping up your vogue in an exceedingly major method was one in every of your New Year’s resolutions, you couldn’t have chosen a more robust time. What’s additional, the runways featured one thing for everybody too. A revamp of the classic button-down is true up the traditionalist’s alley, whereas fashionable takes on retro silhouettes area unit good for the lady World Health Organization loves throwback everything. Oh, and pajamas — the lazy-girl hero piece even gets the sartorial stamp of approval this season. browse on to induce a full summary of spring’s eighteen prime trends, and tips about the way to get a advantage and wear them at once.

A model walks the runway carrying Prabal Gurung Spring 2016 throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows at The Arc, fanlight at Moynihan Station on Sept thirteen, 2015 in ny town.

1. Cold Shoulders: off-the-shoulder was a fashion favourite in 2015, however the slight rules supreme in 2016. It packs all the shoulder-baring action you would like with adscititious support and a additional discipline aptitude. Knits that includes the obvious cutout, like this Prabal Gurung stunner, become must-have items that create the transition from winter to spring fully easy, whereas flowy dresses and classic tees develop delicate attractiveness.

How to Wear It Now: slight sweaters area unit the foremost obvious selection whereas the temps area unit hovering close to the temperature, however even dresses will be deemed winter-ready with the addition of a long-sleeve or turtleneck tee.

cold shoulder-megavogue

NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept fourteen: A model walks the runway carrying geographical area Herrera Spring 2016 throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows on Sept 14, 2015 in ny town. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty pictures for NYFW: The Shows)

2. Sheer Style: ethereal organzas and light-weight chiffons area unit able to infuse spring with ethereal magnificence and drama. The dreamy trend infiltrated each side of fashion, reimagining everything from straightforward topnotch to puckish frocks, epitomized during this geographical area Herrera range.

How to Wear It Now: Play with layers to make a additional opaque look that feels anytime-appropriate, or combine them up with solids in bright hues for a contemporary, statement-making ensemble.

sheer style-megavogue

NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept 14: A model walks the runway at the rag & bone Spring 2016 fashion show throughout ny Fashion Week at St. Ann’s Warehouse on Sept fourteen, 2015 in ny town. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

3. Slip Dresses: A wave of ’90s energy ran through the collections this season, with the decade’s minimalist staple — the slip dress — creating a powerful showing. not like classic undergarments, these lingerie-inspired items area unit created to be seen, due to details like ornamental lace, animal skin material, ruching and surprising color.

How to Wear It Now: combine additional structured items, like this Rag & Bone animal skin slip, with layering turtlenecks and gliding joint boots or nail their pre-millenium atmosphere by teaming slinkier designs with chunky knit sweaters and flatform loafers.

slip dress-megavogue

NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept 12: A model walks the runway carrying Monique Lhuillier Spring 2016 throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows at The Arc, fanlight at Moynihan Station on Sept twelve, 2015 in ny town. (Photo by anthropologist Harrison/Getty pictures for NYFW: The Shows)

4. Aqua Eyes: whereas there have been lots of fresh-faced appearance to look on the spring 2016 runway, it absolutely was reminder good blue that actually created an impact. electrical liner created peepers pop at Monique Lhuillier (pictured above) and poet Boss, whereas labels like Jill Stuart and Karenic Walker took a additional delicate pastel approach to the obvious look. Others were strategic with color placement, focusing splashes of the look-at-me pigment on the inner and outer corners of eyes, that offered a fun kick of color that didn’t feel over the highest.

How to Wear It Now: For a night-out look that’s absolute to flip some heads, paint your higher lash line with a thick streak of liquid aquamarine liner and a dusting of blue powder shadow. a lightweight layer of navy or teal liner offers a straightforward and office-appropriate thanks to rock that trend throughout the work week, and may be amped up for off-duty by applying to the perimeters of the attention solely.

aqua eye-megavogue

MILAN, European nation – Sept twenty seven: A model walks the runway throughout the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show as a part of urban center Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on Sept 27, 2015 in urban center, Italy. (Photo by Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images)

5. Solid Stripes: No spring assortment is complete while not many stripes (we’ll take Dolce & Gabbana’s word for it), however these area unit something however your average Breton bands. The stripe story for 2016 tells tales of puckish graphics, vivacious color and scattered lines.

How to Wear It Now: merely swap out your favorite linearly inclined items for ones that pack a punch, and magnificence them up with equally as outstanding separates, like wide-leg trousers, midi dresses and notice-me coats.

solid stripes-megavogue

NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept thirteen: A model walks the runway carrying Kerastase Paris at Thakoon Spring 2016 throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows at SIR Stage thirty seven on Sept 13, 2015 in ny town. (Photo by Arun Nevader/Getty pictures for Kerastase)

6. Pajama Party: Step aside, athleisure — pajama dressing is that the latest thanks to indulge your inner lazy lady while not lease your vogue sensibilities down. Two-piece sets like this one seen at the Thakoon show tried they need an area on the far side the sleeping room with elevated silhouettes and materials, next-level prints and runway-ready details.

How to Wear It Now: Ditch your go-to jacket Associate in Nursingd extra service an on-the-clock ensemble with a longline gown, or tuck a silk pajama shirt into a combine of tailored trousers or a structural pencil skirt.


A model walks the runway with Kerastase Paris at the Jason Shanghai dialect S/S 2016 fashion show throughout Spring Studios on September 11, 2015 in ny town.

7. Romantic Ruffles: The flirty gildings don’t precisely scream stylish — hitherto. Not all ruffles area unit created equal, and labels like Alexander McQueen, Gucci, Cristobal Balenciaga and Jason Shanghai dialect tried it with discipline interpretations in vivid colours and attractive halter sheaths with up to date attractiveness.

How to Wear It Now: opt for sculptural topnotch to wear with flares and chunky-heeled mules, or vogue fluttery frocks (take inspiration from Jason Wu’s attractive watermelon-hued dress) with sleek, ultra-modern accessories like geometric luggage and minimalist baubles to make distinction and drama.

Romantic Ruffles-magavogue


NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept sixteen: A model walks the runway carrying DKNY Women’s Spring 2016 throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows on Sept 16, 2015 in ny town. (Photo by JP Yim/Getty pictures for NYFW: The Shows)

8. Lips That Pop: Red lipstick is classic, however this season candy-colored reminder the long-lasting hue, whether or not matte, textile or lavishly lacquered, season a recent, fashionable feel to reveal, glowing skin, a la the models at the DKNY show.

How to Wear It Now: Apply to lips with professional exactitude (lipliner could be a must-have) and keep the remainder of your makeup unpretentious for optimum impact.

Lips That Pop-megavogue

A model walks the runway at the Edun Spring 2016 fashion show throughout ny Fashion Week at Spring Studios on Sept thirteen, 2015 in ny town.

9. High-Fashion Fringe: Fringe has been trending for the previous few seasons, however once recognizing it on the Edun (see their fringe-tastic efforts above), Pakistani monetary unit Sui and Derek Lam runways, it’s clear to visualize it’s here to remain. This season, pageant fringe is taking a backseat to wispy flapper-inspired renditions that adorn polished items like blazers, uneven sheaths and not-so-traditional trench coats. take into account this the operating girl’s answer to the favored Coachella embellishment.

How to Wear It Now: combine fringe-trimmed topnotch with clean-cutgliding joint trousers, embellished mules and a sleek jacket for a brand new defy normal material. daring colours, whether or not besprent in or straight up, area unit Associate in Nursing undisputed affirmative.

High-Fashion Fringe-magavogue

A model walks the runway throughout the Emilio Pucci fashion show as a part of urban center Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on Sept twenty four, 2015 in urban center, Italy.

10. Bomber Jackets: Your go-to animal skin jacket goes to own a bit competition this season, with a slew of jittery bomber jackets creating their method onto the shelves. the fashion is riding in on the rear of the athleisure craze, with cropped, outsized and decorative designs loaning a sports-chic atmosphere to everything from flowy skirts to animal skin trousers. With one in every of these unhealthy boys posting up in your closet, your warm-weather wardrobe is absolute to be the bomb.

How to Wear It Now: select a part of surprise Associate in Nursingd use a bomber because the of entirety on an immoderate female ensemble, like on the Emilio Pucci runway.

Bomber Jackets-megavogue

LONDON, England – Sept 21: A model walks the runway at the Erdem show throughout London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016/17 on Sept 21, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by character Fewings/Getty Images)

11. Victorian Influences: The ’60s and ’70s have dominated fashion for the previous few seasons, however currently the business is trying even more back for inspiration. Victorian designs may be seen all over, in dainty floral prints, high-collar necklines, longer hemlines and puffy sleeves.

How to Wear It Now: Trade your bow-neck shirt certain a rather additional decorated vogue — verify that Erdem number! — with a ruffled neck and linear lace description. Rock it with cropped flares, a suede trench and patent loafers for a glance that transcends trends and decades. Victorian Influences-magavogue

NEW YORK, Empire State – Sept twelve: A model walks the runway at the Altuzarra Spring 2016 fashion show throughout ny Fashion Week at Spring Studios on Sept 12, 2015 in ny town.

12. Sunset Shadow: The new thanks to do neutrals? Soft reminder pink and peach produce a heat, earthy beauty look that highlights options while not plenty of fuss. The universally adulatory look offers a additional fascinating various to additional ancient reminder brown, beige and bronze. This ensemble from Altuzzara is therefore effortless-chic.

How to Wear It Now: gently layer reminder burnt orange and coral to make a heat terracotta hue that’s each on- and off-duty acceptable.

sunset shadow-megavogue

LONDON, England – Sept eighteen: A model walks the runway at the Fyodor geographical area show throughout London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on Sept 18, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Eamonn M. McCormack/Getty Images)

13. New Age White Shirts: The closet essential gets a significant makeover for spring with uneven fastenings, rad ruffles and skin-bearing slits. Your work wardrobe is close to get an entire heap additional fascinating, due to designers like Fyodor geographical area.

How to Wear It Now: Skip the lover button-down Associate in Nursingd dress up your favorite combine of denim or dress code-compliant bottoms with Associate in Nursing outsized prime in an unclothed or wrap-front silhouette. Already own one? strive buttoning or styling it in an exceedingly fresh method.

New Age White Shirts-megavogue

A model walks the runway throughout the Valentino show as a part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 on Oct half-dozen, 2015 in Paris, France.

14. All pleated Everything: Valentino helped remodel the girl staple into one in every of this season’s hottest details. Overlaid graphic prints season a 3D result to fashionable maxi dresses, whereas artfully cut layers adscititious structure and fluid movement.

How to Wear It Now: chances are high that, you have already got a folded maxi skirt floating around in your closet. Whip it out and provides it Associate in Nursing of-the-moment makeover with a chilly shoulder prime, a heat turtleneck or a lace-up bodysuit.

All Pleated Everything-magavogue

MILAN, Italy – Sept twenty seven: A model walks the runway throughout the Marni fashion show as a part of urban center Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 on Sept 27, 2015 in urban center, Italy. (Photo by Pietro D’Aprano/Getty Images)

15. Sequins Anytime: Spring 2016 goes to be huge on bling, with sparkle-studded everything obtaining the seal of approval for each day and night apparel. this is often the trend you’ve been looking ahead to since, well, forever.

How to Wear It Now: For a fashion-forward workplace attire, combine a glitzy midi skirt with a sleeveless high-neck prime (a la the Marni runway) and add a wrap-front jacket. Chunky-heeled gliding joint boots and a sleek bum bag provide an elegant various to classic pumps and totes.


PARIS, FRANCE – Oct 07: A model walks the runway throughout the Joe Louis Vuitton show as a part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 on Oct seven, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal autoimmune disease Segretain/Getty Images)

16. Statement Lashes: make-up is Associate in Nursing everyday beauty essential for many ladies, however forthe previous few seasons it’s mostly been forlorn by makeup artists, who’ve opted for additional surprising appearance instead. Embellished eyelashes were back in business this season, like these painted-on, doll-like lashes at Joe Louis Vuitton, sky blue make-up at mother Katrantzou and mod falsies at Marni.

How to Wear It Now: whereas painted-on appearance may be slightly a lot of for the everyday, many swipes of navy, purple or inexperienced make-up can create eyes stand out, whereas staying inside code limits.

Statement Lashes-Megavogue

A model walks the runway at the archangel Kors Spring 2016 Runway Show throughout ny Fashion Week: The Shows at Spring Studios on Sept sixteen, 2015 in New York town.

17. Wrap Skirts: Pencil skirts area unit a week staple, except for spring 2016 they’re obtaining edgier. delicate (or daring) slits brag slightly of leg while not breaking code, whereas side-tie details add texture and movement. we tend to love the sneaky eroticism of this archangel Kors skirt.

How to Wear It Now: Plunge-neck topnotch or lacy sleeveless blouses create the skirt feel good for date night, whereas button-downs, knits and complicated shirts area unit key for a nine-to-five look.

Wrap Skirts-Megavogue

PARIS, FRANCE – Sept thirty: A model walks the runway throughout the Maison Margiela show as a part of the Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring/Summer 2016 on Sept 30, 2015 in Paris, France. (Photo by Pascal autoimmune disease Segretain/Getty Images)

18. so Retro: At the Maison Margiela show, the fabulous ’40s, ’50s and mod ’60s picked up wherever the ’70s left off, with beehives, embroidery, bow-neck blouses, peter pan collars and retro silhouettes — all jazzed up with up to date aptitude — appearance in collections left and right. The trend is refreshing once seasons of disco-era duds, however doesn’t abandon the throwback vibes you’ve come back to like.

How to Wear It Now: Toss on a combine of ankle-length wide-leg pants with a band button-down, knit vest and platform mules for the last word fusion of past and gift.


Four Summer Fashion Tips

In addition to rising temperatures and weekend visits, summer brings with it a hard-to-shake urge to buy. Perhaps it’sas a result of the weather’s heating up and people weekend jaunts need cute new outfits, however refreshing our summer closet is an activity we’re most likely not alone in anticipating.

But before you bust out that mastercard, there square measure many tips to stay in mind once shopping for for the summer months; little items of recommendation that’ll make sure you get the foremost bang for your buck and be as comfy as you’ll be throughout the canicular days. scan on for the sole four summer fashion tips you would like to know!

1. Get summer shoes a small or a large larger than you commonly would.
It’s not the foremost pleasant of facts, however our feet swell throughout the summer. That’s why it’s key—when buying new shoes now of year—to get shoes alittle larger than you’d in winter.
Natural materials like animal skin, canvas, and suede will certainly stretch, therefore mounting a size ought to be fine. for cheap stylish shoes made of pretend animal skin, plastic, or the other synthetic material, go a full scrutinize.

2. Mind your materials.
We love quick fashion the maximum amount because the next shopper, however an excellent deal of merchandise from high-street stores square measure made of poly-blends that merely aren’t breathable, and cantypically hold on to sweat stains. to remain cool on wet days, it’s best search out materials like cotton—pima or supima is best, however any selection can do—as the fibers square measure hollow within the center,permitting them to soak up perspiration and unharness it quickly.
Linen is also a solid summer material—it’s stronger than cotton and a higher conductor of warmth, creating it the foremost breathable material out there. Contrary to fashionable belief, silk could be a sensible choice for summer moreover, since it’s natural, breathable, and cooling. the sole downside: it’s to be clean ofttimes if you sweat. additionally great: super-thin denim.

3. Reinvent your garments.
We’re immense proponents of utilizing the tailors your town or city sure has, particularly if you’re on the fenceconcerning whether or not to induce eliminate sure things. A tailor will cheaply rework clothes, creating them look wholly totally different. many examples: A floor-grazing skirt or dress will be created into a cute mini one, pants will be become into shorts, and long blazers into cute cropped jackets to wear over summer dresses.
Another nice tailor tip for those trying to do out the crop prime trend while not trying sort of a slave to fashion: Bring a previous T-shirt and shirt you don’t wear any longer to your tailor and have he or she hem it to point out a sliver of skin. Then combine it with super high-waist pants, skirts or shorts. The result: An easy-breezy crop that’s not too tight, too trendy, or too revealing—and will be worn well all summer!

4. Keep your actual makeup from melting.
We’re perpetually hearing concerning ways in which to stay the makeup on our face from melting, howeverhowever concerning the product we tend to tote around with North American country in our bags? Didn’t consider that, did you?
Try this trick: Freeze a Zip-Loc deep freezer bag nightlong, and before you allow for work, supply the cosmetics you commonly reckon the day (a lipstick, a foundation, etc.) whereas it’s not a long fix, it’ll keep your product cooltill you get to figure, or whichever air conditioned place you’re headed.

If you recognize you’ll be outside all day and wish to tote on your makeup, explore Cool-It Caddy, makeup baggage and cases that feature a completely insulated interior and integrated cooling.

Sweat A Lot ? Here Has 11 Shorts For Your Choose

For people that sweat a bit over the typical person, the thought of being on the brink of summer is enough to create your palms wet. a way people that sweat plenty will ease themselves into the hotter weather, is by financein some impressive shorts, as a result of the peak of summer for somebody World Health Organization sweatsplenty is compared to falling into the depths of Hades.

As somebody World Health Organization struggled with a foul case of the sweats growing up – and had to throw out several white shirts with yellow axillary cavity stains – I actually have been there and that i feel the pain ofconstantly perspiring folks. maybe my hormones calmed down, or I found associate anti-perspirant that worked for me; regardless of the reason, I still keep in mind the times after I would feel therefore self-consciousconcerning my perspiring form, that i might stand (or sit) with my arms and legs crossed in a shot to cover my sweat patches, beside any smells that set to accompany for the ride. after you sweat down there, reckoning onwhat you are sporting on your bottom [*fr1], it is simple to develop associate oddly-placed sweat patch, to notmention sore painful thighs. therefore here square measure some straightforward, breezy shorts for all my fellowperspiring Betties out there!
1. The Floral Printed Shorts

Flower Power Shorts
These modern shorts square measure a collaboration by Frank Stella McCartney and Adidas. Not solely square measure they stunning, they are practical else, as they feature Climalite® material that “sweeps sweat off fromyour skin.” Runners and fashion lovers alike can love these shorts.
2. The Dragon Scale Shorts

Dragon Scale Shorts
Channel Daenerys’ dragons in an exceedingly combine of scaly vogue shorts that boast moisture-wicking technology and a constitutional, chafe-resistant transient.
3. The bang-up Keen Shorts

peachy keen
Whether you are at the beach, at the mall, or exploring a replacement town, these shorts, with a mélange transientthat bears anti-odor properties, can assist you feel bang-up.
4. The Tropical court game Shorts

Tropical Tennis Shorts
These shorts, made up of a sweat-wicking material, can look elegant on or off the courts.

5. The Knee Shorts

Knee Shorts
Some days you’re feeling like covering up a bit additional, therefore once the time comes, slip into these knee length shorts associated pop an outsized tee over the highest.

6. The Oxford Shorts

Oxford Shorts
These shorts square measure technically for girl golfers, however their Dri-FIT material, style, and far-out colorvary makes them the right good casual shorts for people that suffer with perspiration.

7. the Bright Pair

Bright Pair
The TruTemp material in these shorts absorbs body heat, stores it, and releases it later once you are cooling off,creating them colourful and clever.

8. The Super Cool Shorts

Super Cool Shorts
Although you will not appear as if a elaborate pants in these shorts, they’re subtly all singing and every onesaltation. Among alternative options, there square measure special components at intervals the materialwhich will facilitate to lower your skin temperature, that is bound to come back in handy throughout the sweltrysummer.

9. The Pink combine

Pink Pair
Wear these shorts comprised of wicking material to seem sort of a vision in your next sports session.

10. The Flutter Shorts

Flutter Shorts
Wicking technology and a sublime style equals a match created in heaven.

11. The Clever Denim Shorts

denim shorts
Thought denim shorts were out the window? re-evaluate. in keeping with the geographical region web site, these smartly designed shorts square measure, “…made of organic cotton/polyester denim COOLMAX® that stretches and wicks perspiration.” therefore you do not have to be compelled to worry concerning obtainingyour sweat on in these.

You see, there is not any reason to induce all hot and discomposed on your explore for the right combine ofsummery shorts!

5 Tacks To Have A Bigger Butt

In the age wherever the larger the butt, the better, it’s time to pretend it. apart from doing all your daily squats,some straightforward changes in your daily wardrobe might offer you the backside (think Nicki Minaj and J.LO)you’ve got been dreaming of.

1.) Fitted just right
Everyone loves a man cut jean for casual comfort, however save the saggy suited a time period and convey on the shape fitting designs. Denim designs with supplementary cloth that area unit fitted throughout the hips and thighs,offer prominence to the butt and shows off the natural curves of the body. a thin vogue denim from the waist to thegliding joint elongates the legs and hugs the body to compress and form for the most carry and curve.

2.) Flat to Phat
Pockets and details to the Rescue!
Adding specific vogue lines to a basic try of denim might add alittle aptitude and plenty of curve. High waisted denim brings stress to the natural waist, adding additional length to the body and making the attractive long leg illusion.
Pocket placement, size and elegance might create or break your backside. Pocket size and placement is essentialto making the proper form. the popular “Mom Jeans” vogue places pockets too high on the rear permitting the butt to seem longer and bigger. Pockets that area unit set too low on the rear enable the butt to own a smaller and saggy look. the easy placement of a targeted pocket tricks the attention to specializing in the roundest a part ofyour derrier.

The perfect pocket tip to convey alittle carry, and play up your natural curves, is to get denim with pockets set at a small inward angle. This creates Associate in Nursing outwards-inwards vogue line specializing in the general configuration of the stolen property.

3.) Minimize the Waist, Maximize the Results
A simple supplementary belt or waist cinch creates a proportion that instantly offers the illusion of a slim waist. Revamp a shapeless shirt dress with a new waist belt to show a hidden backside. A kind fitting dress that cinches at the waist hugs all the correct curves transportation focus to atiny low area making the proper sandglass figure.

4.) the upper the Heel, the larger the stolen property
The perfect pump, a horny dagger or a straightforward wedge is one amongst the fastest and best ways in which to convey the correct stolen property pop! Posture makes excellent and sporting heels truly changes the curve of your spine. For an additional carry, stilettos enable the legs to instantly look longer and throw, offers the butt an additional in. carry, and permits your chest to race and your backside protrude out.

5.) tucked and Sucked
Shapers, Lifters and Enhancers Buckeye State my!
In the changing world of technology, we will honestly rework our bodies with the assistance of 1 simple fix, the shaper. whether or not shaping your waist with a waist trainer, smoothing out your bottom [*fr1], or obtaining thatexcellent butt carry with a stolen property shaper, you’ll pretend the flat!

7 Ways to Choose the Best Shorts for Your Body

When I was in secondary school, I had a favourite pair of shorts. They were made by Soffe, I believe, and that theywere the colour of Pepto-Bismol. On one amongst all-time low front corners was a screen-printed image of a try of ballet slippers, and after I rolled the band down, the phrase “get the pointe” appeared simply a few of inches below my belly button. I wore them to athletic facility category a day for 2 years (with a shirt that I had cut the neck off of, obviously). on the other hand my waist and hips and therefore the remainder of my body began to alter and that igrew out of these beloved shorts. It felt just like the finish of AN era.

Shorts quickly became my nemesis. They rode up awkwardly against my thighs, created body elements visible that Idid not need to be, and ne’er looked as if it would slot in the simplest way that flattered my figure.

Even today, I seldom wear shorts, that is reasonably a shame as a result of very like|i like} my legs! i need to point out them off however I simply do not really love the method they give the impression of being in shorts. So instead, I sometimes keep on with sundresses.

But no more! it is time to work out the formula for locating shorts I truly like.

For some facilitate, I reached bent on ny City-based personal stylist and fashion knowledgeable Alexandra Suzanne Greenawalt, United Nations agency agrees that “shorts area unit as difficult as the other garment and perhapseven to a small degree additional as a result of most ladies carry their weight within the hips space.” Lucky forNorth American nation, Greenawalt, who’s emotional her second styling book this fall, has recommendation for girls of all shapes and sizes once it involves buying shorts:

1. Mid-Length Is Middle Ground
If you are within the marketplace for a try of shorts however are not positive concerning the length, an honestrule of thumb is to seek out a mode that is somewhere within the middle. “Mid-thigh length shorts area unituniversally becoming,” says Greenawalt. Keep this in mind to avoid choosing out a try that is too short or too long.

Mid-thigh length shorts

Styles with a rolled hem give alittle customization once it involves wherever your shorts can hit on your thighs.simply do not roll ’em an excessive amount of, as this can produce a large look.

2. Shorter Shorts For Shorter Gals
If you are petite, and your goal is to administer yourself to a small degree additional height, then Greenawalt suggests making an attempt a rather shorter short. Showing to a small degree additional skin can offer the illusion of longer legs — simply ensure that your bum remains adequately coated. To elongate your legs everadditional, try short shorts with wedges or heels.

shoter shorts

If you are going for brief shorts, seek for clean hems. this can offer your look to a small degree additional polish than a super-frayed try.

3. Short And Tight is just too much
Short shorts area unit fine and dandy, however too-tight short shorts don’t seem to be an honest everyday look. It’s all concerning finding a balance that works for your form and size. “If you have any adipose tissue that you justneed to cover, ensure the shorts area unit body skimming and not too tight,” says Greenawalt. additionally smartto avoid: tight, light-weight materials, that area unit seldom becoming.

short and tight

The non-clingy material on these shorts offers some movement. although they are on the shorter facet, they will not even be skin-tight. Plus, a darker wash (like this deep navy color) is sometimes additional becoming than white and alternative bright colours.

4. Balance Your Bottom along with your prime
One of the pitfalls of sporting shorts is basic cognitive process to balance out your prime, too. “Keep your primeproportional to your short,” Greenawalt reminds North American nation. “Don’t wear a protracted prime with short shorts. I see this error usually.” strive pairing Bermudas with a tank or tee rather than a protracted sleeve shirt. But again, the secret is to strike the balance that works for you and causes you to feel comfy.


Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty pictures Entertainment/Getty pictures
These short shorts area unit balanced by a brief prime, and therefore the cardigan ties the 2 along.

5. Be A Low-Rider
If your body part is on the shorter facet, then Greenawalt suggests making an attempt low-waisted shorts. this canoffer the illusion of AN elongate mid-section, wherever high-waisted designs (i.e. shorts that sit on top of your hips)will build your body part look even shorter.

low rideer

Shorts that sit right at your hip bones permit additional of your body part to point out, creating it appear as if you have got a extended figure. Wear your shirt tucked sure alittle accentuation and to administer the illusion of evenadditional length.

6. Or Wear ‘Em High
Conversely, “If you have got a high waist and short legs you’ll wear high waisted shorts, which is able to build your legs look longer,” says Greenawalt. It’s all concerning illusion! specialise in the areas that you just need to elongate and intensify and that’ll indicate that designs you must opt for.


em high
T-Swift demonstrates however high-waisted shorts will provide you with legs for days.

7. facet Zips area unit Slimming
If you have got curvy hips and wish a mode that is alittle slimming, then strive a try of shorts that zips au fait thefacet. Greenawalt feels that this vogue is that the most becoming and will not add any unwanted volume, in contrast to shorts with large front buttons.

side zip

A smooth, hardware-less front is slimming. This explicit vogue is nice as a result of it offers alittle stretch, too,serving to to reduce any unwanted gem superior.

7. slender Hips will realize Pocket Details
On the opposite finish of the spectrum, ladies with slender hips ought to seek for shorts with description that’lloffer your hips additional form (if that is what you are making an attempt to attain, of course). “Wear shorts with pocket details or fold,” suggests Greenawalt. “Otherwise, steer away from volume adding details within the hipspace because it can cause you to look larger.”

narrow hip

The fold on these shorts adds to a small degree of additional volume, creating slim hips look curvier.