50 Best Fashion Tips Ever

Know your Body: recognize your measurements before you look. Not solely can it curtail the time you pay fittinggarments, it’ll assist you opt for outfits that suit your body dead. Among the foremost vital body elements to live area unit your bust, chest, hips and waist. Source:iVillage.com

Don’t Go Too Tight Or Too Loose: Dressing for your size does not simply mean nixing garments that area unit too tight from your wardrobe. It conjointly means that you should not wear garments that area unit too saggy. eachcan cause you to look unfashionable .

Make Sure you’ll go into Them: There area unit some occasions we’d sacrifice comfort for fashion. After all, four in.heels guarantee that legs-for-miles look. however if it’s higher than it really feels on your foot, you almost certainly will not wear it. do not waste your cash (or endure the pain). Source:The Fashion Spot

Peek-A-Boo is not Cute: Button down blouses area unit meant to try and do one issue and one issue alone —keep buttoned down. it’s sloppy if we are able to see what lies to a lower place your shirt.

Be A Lone Wolf: look solo. you will be ready to concentrate a lot of on looking down specifically what you are looking for. you will save lots of your time whereas you are at it too. Source:In vogue

Remove Lint: A lint roller could be a must-have (cat lovers, you recognize what we’re talking about). offer your outfita couple of fast swipes before heading out the door (don’t forget your back and behind your legs) to catch any unwanted hair and dirt on your covering.

The Power Of Peplum: disquieted regarding your waist or hips? attempt peplum for an immediate slimming result. It flatters each figure and will wonders at concealing unpleasant bulge.

Try On 3 Sizes, Not One: Shoe sizes vary among designers and makes. begin by fitting your usual shoe size, thenassume one try that is a small smaller and a second try that is a small larger. once unsure, obtain the shoes thatarea unit a small larger. Source:The Fashion Spot

Know Your Colours: recognize which colors can praise you the foremost by working out if the undertones in your skin area unit either heat or cold. The consultants at the style Spot say ladies with cool undertones look best in white, black, gray, silver, and reminder blue. ladies with heat undertones are going to be dazzling in reminderyellow, gold, brown, inexperienced and red. Source: the style Spot

Organize Your Closet: Organize your closet. this fashion you will be ready to see what you own (and really wear it). Separate your garments by garment. find out what what will be sunray showing neatness and what must be hanged. certify you get the correct hangers for shirts, skirts and pants. Use storage shelves to store your purses and intimates and obtain a shoe rack. For a lot of careful directions on a way to tackle this task, scrutinize what our friends at Lucky Magazine ought to say. Source: Lucky Magazine

Double-Sided Tape could be a Dream return True: Keep plunging necklines in situ and stop any fashion mishaps with this gravy. we tend to double-swear by double-sided tape.

Invest in a Quality Iron: a top quality iron is an absolute shouldto make sure you do not harm your garments. Get one with a variety of settings that may conquer even the toughest wrinkles, however mild enough to iron over delicate materials. as a result of there area unit such a lot of irons out there, the oldsters at Real easy have created it easier for you to choose on one that may meet yourwants. scrutinize their list of the highest forty irons they tried.

Get stylish With associate degree extremist Cute Umbrella: Rain or shine, we tend to area unit continuallystylish. Get yourself a vibrant, knock-out umbrella that produces you stick out.

Work Out Stylishly: return on, let’s be serious, the gymnasium will be associate degree daunting place with such a lot of buff, perspiring bods. We’d be lying if we tend to did not say we tend to ne’er wore war paint before lacing up. however touch the gymnasium should not cause you to fret. It ought to cause you to feel sensible.obtaining some stylish elbow grease garments that suit your body can cause you to feel a lot of assured and encourage you to interrupt a sweat.

Organize Your Jewelry: Store all of your jewellery in an exceedingly jewellery box. you are less doubtless to lose them once they have a home. Not solely can they be easier to seek out in one handy location, you will keep in mind what you already own therefore you do not obtain items you do not would like. Your jewellery will lastfor much longer once it’s protected.

Alter Your Clothes: it is vital once you are investment in articles of covering that become staples, like blazers and pants, that you just have them tailored. it’ll guarantee your cash is well-spent, can build the piece that rather more special and can cause you to feel nice anytime you wear it. After all, it solely fits you.

Help Boots Stand Tall With Wine: Wine bottles have another use — place them within your boots to create them stand upright. Source: Real easy

Know Your Neckline: creating note of what works for you and what does not is vital and neck plays an enormousappear this. The neck is that the half that shows off your pretty face, therefore take care to urge it right.

Know Your Arch: Shoe shopping? certify you recognize your arch kind. In associate degree interview with the oldsters at the style Spot, true heath Lynn Stanley, style director of…me Too shoes, aforesaid the simplestthanks to verify your arch is to tread on a bit of paper once wetting rock bottom of your foot. you’ll verifywhether or not you have got a standard, flat or high arch by examining your wet footprint. If the center a part ofyour footprint does not show up, you have got a high arch, however if you’ll see most of your footprint then you have got a reasonably straight arch. Your arch is traditional if you see 1/2 your wet footprint. Source:The Fashion Spot

Donate garments you will ne’er Wear: Stop billboard. If you haven’t worn it recently, then you almost certainlyne’er can. to assist decide if you ought to toss it or not, the consultants at living accommodations medical care counsel you answer the subsequent questions: does one like cut, cloth and colour? area unit you snugcarrying it? will it fit your needs currently (no, not if you lose three inches off your waist within the next month)?will any damages like stains or holes be fixed? does one have quite one place to wear it? will it’s combined withdifferent articles of covering in your closet? once was the last time you wore it (if it has been over a year, relative quantity it)? Source: living accommodations medical care

Learn To Pack Lightly: Packing gently is associate degree art. Unless you are walking a runway in Milano, you will not would like quite simply a couple of key ensembles. the oldsters over atApartment medical care continuethis rule-of-thumb: If you are going away for one week, pack 3 bottoms and three shirts per bottom. for 2 weeks pack 5 bottoms. for each dress you pack, you’ll lose a shirt and a bottom.

Nix The amendment Purse: amendment purses will be helpful, however if yours seldom sees daylight, either as a result of you do not place amendment in it, or worse, ne’er take amendment out of it (this is simply dead weight), then it is time to mention farewell.

Body Shapers: impart goodness body shaping has evolved from Victorian waspies to Spanx (after all, we wish you to be ready to breathe). Body shapers area unit ideal for concealing excess bulge (who likes the sight of affectionhandles or gem tops?) and permits garments to glide on swimmingly.

Limit Accessories: we tend to love accessories, however we’ve got to draw the road somewhere. If you arethrowing yourself associate degree arm party, then it would be higher to steer away from too several rings. If you are carrying massive earrings that scream for attention, then you would possibly need to forgo associate degree equally beamy jewelry — they’ll solely work against one another.

Purse Essentials: a handbag is not only a fashion statement. It’s main purpose is purposeful. You carry it aroundwhere you go therefore it must contain some essentials: your billfold, a pen, pain killers, hand sanitizer, tissues, make-up necessities (we in person will not leave the house while not lip stick and/or lip balm), hand cream, gum or breath mints, tampons or maxi pads (no one desires to be caught off guard throughout that point of the month), and for those of you World Health Organization pay protracted bouts talking, texting or play, bring your phone charger on.

When unsure, Overdress: there is nothing worse than discovery an incident clad. perhaps the invite did notspecify or concerned the word casual — however everybody else dressed up not therefore nonchalantly. If you do not recognize what the code is, overdress. there is not any damage in trying too force along, however you will feel uncomfortable if you’re thinking that you look out of place.

Wear Nice Underwear: carrying nice undergarment each day can cause you to feel special. Sure, not everybodygets to be therefore lucky and see however nice your undergarment is, however you will recognize. Also, take care to urge your bras fitted — typically. it’ll build your garments droop higher and be infinitely easier.

Sharpen Your stitching Skills: Have a mini kit reception or in your purse. this fashion you’ll salvage your favoriteshirt or try of pants by reparation up minor tears with some easy needle and thread action.

Get Some Stay-Up Thigh-Highs: generally leotards creates associate degree unpleasant bulge around our mid-section (ladies, you recognize what we’re talking about). To eliminate this altogether, why not use substitute leotardswith stay-up thigh-highs? they will do specifically what leotards will, minus the bulge.

Use nail enamel to prevent A Tear In Its Tracks: leotards is infamous for rending. We’ve been victim to the present fashion mishap one too persistently. till somebody invents leotards that will not tear at the slightest tug,we have got a short lived fix. simply dab clear nail enamel on each ends of the rip and it ought to keep it fromobtaining larger.

Work garments needn’t Be Frumpy: simply because you have got to decorate workplace casual doesn’t suggest you have got to sacrifice vogue. notice well-tailored items and incorporate accessories and color to form a a lot of exciting look.

Take Care Of Your Undergarments: to increase the longevity of your bandeau and guarantee an ideal workanytime, you’ll have to require care of them properly. The consultants atLa contend nut Rose suggest you wash your bras by hand to make sure they lasts as long as doable. If you choose for machine laundry, detachyour bandeau to stop it from twisting and turning. you’ll conjointly need to use a wash bag which is able toseparate and shield your bras from the remainder of your garments. certify you choose a fragile or durable-press fabric cycle, and no matter you are doing, don’t use detergent. It’s method too harsh and can harm the cup, lace and snap of your bandeau. you would possibly need to undertake usingForever New cloth Wash. Air dry your bras by hanging them. Source: La contend nut Rose

If you’re feeling Uncomfortable, you almost certainly Look Uncomfortable: Your confidence is stricken by what you are carrying, as unhappy of an idea as which may be. therefore if you are feeling self-conscious regardingyour outfit, you are doubtless to be tugging at it or double-checking that everything is in situ all day and night.

Invest in an exceedingly sensible Wallet: it’s going to pay most of its time in your purse however your billfold is simply as vital as your purse. would like we tend to cue you of #ThatAwkwardMoment once you have force out a dull, ragged billfold from your designer purse? there is nothing a lot of embarrassing. Invest in an exceedinglyquality billfold, one that reflects your signature vogue.

Don’t make Belts: The belt is supposed to offer you a waist or hold your pants up. There area unit times but, the belt ought to be left reception. If associate degree outfit is already fitted, there’s no would like for a belt. Ifyou’re carrying pants however feeling like textile the shirt, it’s slightly odd. Use belts slenderly instead oftypically.

Pretty PJs: you have spent all day trying pretty, therefore why not attend bed trying pretty too? Falling asleep is all regarding comfort therefore rest assured, pretty pajamas do not mean uncomfortable ones. Lose the outsizedshirt or saggy sweats for light-weight pajama bottoms and high. World Health Organization knows? you would possibly sleep easier.

Less very Is More: violation is not elegant. Celebrity stylist Jen Rade, World Health Organization has dressedseveral beauties as well as Angelina Jolie, told fashionable that just one piece ought to be exposed at a time. Ifyou are uncovering your neckline, do not conjointly swank your legs. keep in mind girls, slightly little bit ofmystery is beguiling. Some things area unit higher left to the imagination. Source: fashionable

Add Shine To Your Step: If you are out of blacking, the employees at Woman’s Daysuggest rubbing slightly of lotion on your shoes. It works well on the information of pointed shoes and will increase the longevity of animal skin by keeping it supple. Source: Woman’s Day

Watches area unit Timeless: generally the thought of throwing on associate degree arm party very first thingwithin the morning will be daunting, that is why watches area unit amazing. they’re classic and might represent your temperament. And if you invest in an exceedingly sensible one, it might last you a period.

Make Lists: If you’re keen on looking, then build lists your supporter. they’ll build your life easier. Not solely canthey keep your concentrate on the things you really would like, they will curtail the quantity of your time youpay looking and stop you from creating impulse purchases (we hope).

Ready-To-Wear Ensembles: Have off-the-rack ensembles hanging in your closet (yes, even the shoes and if you arevery keen, the accessories too). they’ll are available handy once you either have completely nothing to wear oronce you are {in a|during a|in associate degree exceedingly|in a very} rush to tug an outfit along. It’s higher to own a couple of for various occasions — one company, one casual and one exciting look. you’ll impart Americafor this tip later.

How To Wear Denim On Denim: the fashion consultants at industrial plant twenty nine say that doublinginformed denim will work if you wear dark slim-fitting pants and a lighter slim-fitting high. you would possibly needto interrupt up the jean look by adding a cute belt. Source:Refinery twenty nine

Stock Up On Basics: better-known your necessities and fill up. These embrace white and black blouses, slightlyblack dress, high heels, red lipstick, diamond studs, blue jeans and the rest that incorporates a central role in yourvogue. Remember, these appearance area unit unchanged therefore investment in sure things that area unitdearer however higher in quality could also be wiser as a result of they’ll last longer.

Try Everything On: certify you mostly attempt garments on once you look. Yes, we tend to get lazy doing this over and once more however it is a necessary evil. Sizes amendment looking on cloth, designer and store. you would possibly conjointly need to bring on your own accessories and shoes (or use some at the store) to urge a much better sense of however the entire outfit can look. you will conjointly save yourself the effort of returning or exchanging associate degree outfit that does not look right if you are trying it on before shopping for it.

Don’t faux It Fits: We’ve all been there, standing within the room and convincing ourselves that the button can as if by magic keep closed once we get home (and then, of course, it doesn’t). These area unit the days whereverwe’ve got to just accept that our bodies have modified in a way or another, and obtain garments that work. as a result of you recognize what happens to the garments that do not work (cue garbage luggage being born off at Goodwill here).

Go inexperienced: Green is that this year’s hottest hue in step with Pantone therefore go wild. If you are not an admirer of it (or colorize general), attempt incorporating it into your outfits in little doses with a inexperiencedpurse or some inexperienced accessories sort of a scarf or bracelet.

Go Nude once you Wear White: White could be a tough color to wear, therefore if you are carrying white pants,do not wear black or white undergarment as a result of it’ll still be visible through your pants. Instead, obtain nudeundergarment. It’s a lot of discreet. Source:Oprah vogue

Depill A Sweater With Sandpaper: Gently rub sandpaper on your loved one sweaters to urge obviate anyunpleasant pills. Our friends over at living accommodations medical care have tried it and that they swear it works. Source: living accommodations medical care

Take Care Of Leather: Real animal skin is pricey, therefore it is sensible to require care of it. howevertypically this can be one issue we tend to overlook. shortly our favorite boots area unit destroyed and have salt stains from the awful winter. It solely takes a couple of additional minutes to urge our prized animal skinmerchandise prepared for inclemency therefore it’s one thing to begin doing…now.

Dress Your Age: Janice Dickinson does not look fifty seven, but she is. We’re not getting to lie, she appearancenice, however let’s face it, it is a shade tacky once 50-somethings attempt sporting associate degree outfit you’dusually notice on 20-somethings — and contrariwise. However, tinsel city permits celebrities a lot of leeway thanthe important world will for America normal people. As a rule of thumb, continue age acceptable apparel.


How can you enjoy summer without shorts?

The weather is getting oppressive boiling. Are you ready for the summer? As a member of Barelegged girls, short pants are one of the necessary items for summer.

denim shorts

Compared with skirts, shorts are more functional and no need to worry about any accidental exposure happens. But how to look gorgeous by wearing shorts?

Denim Shorts

No any other items are more evergreen than denim shorts.  Matching tegether with a Pure White T-Shirt, it will make you cool and comfortable.

denim shorts3

Or match with a Flamboyant letter T,  I am sure it definitely will make you coolest aroud the whole street.


Another option is matching with some cold shoulder or cold stomach T-Shirts. It will make you look much younger by wearing strip cold-shoulder blouse together with denim shorts and a pair of white canvas shoes.


It also looks good if you match your shorts with a white shirts. Especially when the temperature difference between morning and night is big. A thin white long-sleeved shirts is very pratical. It look nicer than short-sleeved one and meanwhile better blocking the sunlight.


Pure Black or white color shorts

Single Black or white color shorts are favorites for many girls. Miranda Kerr is one of them. Going with big red lips, it looks deadly sexy.  By black and white collocation, it’s better to choose black shorts and white blouse. It favors people with pear-shape girl. Wearing black shorts will make you looks longer and thinner legs than white.


For office lady, pure black or white color shorts are more fit than denim shorts. Wearing white shorts, matching together a white suit and a pair of ancle strap sandals would completely avoid the depression of black suit.


Printed shorts

It is neccessary to find something eye-catching in summer days. Printed shorts which favored by many fashion icons are highly recommended. Comparing with other printed colothes, printed shorts are easier to match well. A white shirts together with a good function of blocking sunlight is not a bad choice. You can make a knot in your waist which makes your legs seems up straight to the sky.


It is also a good choice of wearing printed shorts when attending music festivals.  With a thin shirt will make you attractive sexier and less casual.


Well, you should be also careful when choosing printed clothes. For instance,  A leopard print is not a good choice. For it only looks good if your shape are perfectly, besides, it will make you not elegant at all.


So much chatting just for helping you grils wear shorts in a shinnning way.


Alice Through The Looking Glass- Why Alice wear the ancient chinese costume?

As the Alice Falls Into a Rabbit Hole (Alice in the wonder land 1) was shown SIX years ago, now we come to the Alice through the looking glass ! (give me five-clap)

Alice in the wonderland

Well, first of all, the most most important is , this movie is the posthumous work of Alan Rickman, the Professor Severus Snape

He dubbed for the Absolem the Caterpillar which metamorphose into a butterfly…

Absolem the butterfly

The first narrator in the trailer is his voice (don’t cry, fans)

Although the first reason is worth enough for watching, you may feel lost if you miss the below article.

Doctor Moriarty will also show of in Alice 2, which play a nervous doctor himself but always reckon others are nervous.

Professor Moriarty

And your love Anne Hathaway still so BEAUTIFUL
Anne Hathaway

The fattening Johnny Depp had returned to be slim.
Johnny Depp

And….. Have you even seen any heroine wear the ancient Chinese costume in any fairy tale ?

Yes, you can see it here.
Remember in the ending of Alice I, Alice go to China for business, and in Alice’s Adventures In the wonder land 2, she came back to United Kingdom.
And wear this every- part- is- chinese style dress when joining a dancing party. See, her dress with a shoulder pad which is similar as Vaisramana’s, well which is very “Peking Opera” Style.


And the Firm Clew explained that is showing the headstrong, brave of Alice
headstrong Alice

Though I think the designer must have over meaning in this costume. Other costumes are definitely gorgeous. Otherwise, they will not win the Oscar Academy award for best costume design in Alice 1.