Falbala Flying, Romantic And Decorated

falbela dress

falbela dress

Even a proud and noble show cannot refuse the seduce of frills, and totally melted by its romantic.

falbela dress


Celebrity love it so much, “it” girl Dakota Johnson is one of its big fans.
falbela dress
Falbela offers little sexy for the sweety Darkota
falbela dress
The Cosmos-wide famous Kim wear it with elegant and saucy
falbela dress2
So as the “never-wear-wrong “Miss Chung
 falbela dress
Not only make you look like young maiden , Falbala has more pratical function.
  • Bigger Breast

Crisp Edge and complex curve of Falbela make bust expansive visually. A simple top became stereoscopic.

falbela top

That is to say, Falbela is the best choice of flat-girl.

  • Cover your belly

A delicate falbala edge will help you cover your belly if it is around your waist.

falbela top

  • Decorate your arm

If you have no confidence of your arm and never wear sleeveless. A flouncing sleeve will be best choice.

falbela dress

falbela shirt

  • Slim your leg

Extending outward falbala with its special curve, will perfectly embellish fat thighs. So with the correct flouncing edge on your dress, you will have a slim longleg.

falbela skirt


Ofcourse, falbala is not perfect-in-everywhere, if wrong using, you will became an undescrible thing..

  • Wrong position, shape destroyed

victorian shirtA high-stood falbela neckline Victorian Style shirt will make you became a girl without neck…

  • Risk of looking strong

falbela topA Falbala edge on a cold-shoulder, and especially a stand-up edge, will make you a muscle strong girlfalbela top

  • More Frills, Much Lower Taste

A dress with slim frills everywhere, not only make you look fatter, but also show your lower taste.

low falbela

falbela low


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