Fashion Trend Forecast of Spring Summer 2017

As 4 key Women’s fashion trends for spring summer 2017 as highlighted by fashion prognostication firm Fashion Snoops at Magic Market Week, this four trends are including : Raw Coast, Arise, La Isla, and Juxtapoze. i will be sharing key details, colors, silhouettes, and retail samples of every trend in this report.

Now on to the four trends, beginning with Raw Coast.

Raw Coast

Here’s however Fashion Snoops describes the trend: “Raw solid defines a replacement shift in minimal art, one that’s heavily unmoving during a natural surroundings and coastal classics, however additionally serves to outline new luxury. it’s a welcome reset once several seasons of mismatched influences and rhythmical energy. With clean lines, organic textures, and refined utility, the mild approach at living is mirrored in breezy layers, use of linen, and natural blues, and many of washed and rumpled surfaces. respect is paid to the ocean with refined maritime references like weatherworn rope or netting details. A ribbon of pure and desaturated color is unfold across the numerous weather worn hues that represent the coast – clay, indigo, stone, and olive. this sense modern} Zen is crucial to the continued journey for relaxed sophistication and wherever rustic meets contemporary.”



“Arise is impressed by the spirit of freedom that comes from associate intense love for your surroundings, furthermore as a decision to action to form a amendment. intimacy is that the battle cry as our world hunt for unity emerges during a world crammed with uncertainty. in depth travels to exotic locales form United States as world voters, whereas non secular connections ar key as we have a tendency to explore new realms of consciousness. Psychedelic substances inspire a metaphysical approach to paint and style. Souvenirs from foreign lands all have their own story to inform, however ar best once bedded unexpectedly. A melting pot of types, Arise encourages United States to be gift, aware and harmonized with today’s school of thought world.”


La Isla

According to Fashion Snoops, the inspiration for La Isla comes from Cuba. “As Cuba opens its doors to the globe, its storied culture and exotic mysteries become a vital style inspiration, inserting specialise in the unfearing spirit of a contemporary man and lady United Nations agency crave the romance of the island’s brilliantly coloured buildings and tropical beaches. Tailored shapes and free-flowing materials prevail, whereas joyful patterns and daring hues live side-by-side with sun-faded pastels and time-honored styling. The walking on air of life and jocund spirit of dressing is as torrential because the peeling paint on the buildings, the music within the streets, and also the lush flowers on the trees. This new battle Havana is wherever the past and gift dance along for a unhappy however forward cross-check tomorrow, celebrating Cuba for its wealthy culture and exciting future.”

la isla


“Juxtapoze addresses a posh individual United Nations agency is heavily endowed in associate abstract present time. As key figures within the gallery scene, the Juxtapoze man and lady ar encircled by visionaries that recall nice style from the architectural vogue style. Loudly celebrating the colourful and absurd, geometric shapes ar mirrored not solely in fine design, however additionally in design and interior style. Juxtapoze defines trendy sophistication, with a wardrobe that comes with tailored parts and a splash of pattern or color for fun. This experimental shift in style is best expressed with compelling combos of surface and form for a wise, trendy look.”


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