Hillary Clinton Campaign Makeup: From Weary to Wow in 60 Seconds

Of course that’s not true. No one can complete a makeup routine in 60 seconds unless she’s Wonder Woman or SuperGirl… or SuperMan.

But Hillary’s gotten some pro help for her 2016 campaign — for starters, Jeffrey Slonim, special correspondent at Allure reported that Hillary may poach Barbara Lacy, TV show Veep’s key makeup artist.

Barbara has worked with, sorry, on, Clinton for 10 long years and knows how to cement every wrinkle and squish every pimple on Hillary’s noble face.

But poaching Barbara’s not the only move she’s made — she’s gone ahead and pasted crazy nail art (all over her nails, just in case you were wondering). One set of this crazy nail art features her cartoon and the other set features text — and no, it ain’t “I Didn’t Leak No Emails.”

It’s easy to tell Hillary Clinton is kind of drawn towards makeup when you check her Pinterest page. Which public person wouldn’t be even if she’s 100? Check out Hillary’s Pinterest tagline — “Granddaughter gift ideas, hairstyle inspiration, favorite moments, and some other things.”

Heh, heh, Bill Clinton is nowhere on that page. Wazzup, Hillary?

And, hey, did you know that Hillary once told a secret service agent who refused to carry her bag to “get the f*** away from me.”  This has nothing to do with makeup, but is sure fun to read.

I also believe that Hillary is not a makeup cannibal. Sample her statement where she moans that the time women take for hair and makeup is like a tax, a heavy tax.

Finally, finally: Hillary’s also had some malfunctions — and fortunately for humans and Donald Trump, these were not wardrobe malfunctions.

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