How to Contour Chest: the Ultimate Guide


Contouring is an art that has taken the world by quite a storm. We know you have done contouring everything – face contour, check. Hair contour, check. Leg contour, check. But what about your neck and chest contour?

As a matter of fact, contouring chest is not a recent trend overweighing the makeup industry, but it has been in the fashion since ages and for a very good reason. It not only help the women get satisfied with their breast size but also works wonders for those who want to get instant cleavage without investing in those breast boosting creams and other products.

So if you are looking for a thorough guide on how to contour your collar bones and chest contouring before and after photos to see if it is worth the effort, you are the right place. Here we have piled up the steps to do makeup for chest area right.

The Art of Contouring Your Chest – Step By Step Guide for Beginners:

As a matter of fact, contouring your chest is not that rocket science for which you need classes. All you need is to have a few things including:

  1. Contour Palette
  2. Highlight Palette
  3. Contour Brushes

After you gather your necessary makeup products, follow the steps below.

#1: Moisturize:

In order to get started, the first thing you need to do is moisturize the area you want to contour. Use the regular moisturizer that you usually use on your face to moisturize the neck and chest area. This will help the makeup to blend well and look more au natural.

#2: Contour:

Once you are done moisturizing, the next thing you need to do is start contouring. For this, get the bronzer shade from the contour palette and brush it in V-shape around your cleavage. Then push your shoulders forward, brush the lines underneath and above the collarbones on either side of the neck.

#3: Highlight:

After putting the contouring shades on the areas that you want to shade, the next thing to do in chest contouring is to brush the pearlescent highlighter to the areas that you want to highlight. It is recommended to place is below the V-Shaped contour line on the chest and in between the lines on the collar bones.

#4: Blend Well:

As a matter of fact, the key to perfect contour is perfect blending. So, the most important step in contouring is blending. So the next step after highlighting is to blend well. Use the contour blending brush to do the blending as it can do the trick like a pro. We recommend using a flat brush, moving it upward from the curve of the cleavage.

#5: Voila:

Blending will give you the desired results that you want to see. While the results are intended to be subtle, you can enhance the look by using sun-kissed glow finish that will give more hotter and bigger look to your chest that you always crave for.

Note that chest contouring is not at all necessary to complete your look. But if you are wearing that V neck dress and you want that perfect décolletage, chest contouring is worth the shot.

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