Does makeup make you beautiful?

Do you really think tons of makeup makes you beautiful? In today’s society teenage girls surround themselves with makeup and obsess themselves to be beautiful, perfect, or to look more “glam” with tons of different makeup products. This ad wants teens to follow all different kind of products so women can get that “daily dose of beautiful”. This advertisement was written by Marta Topran who wrote about today’s most standout brands in the October 2015 issue of “Seventeen Magazine”. “Seventeen Magazine” directs themselves to teenage girls, which is why this advertisement is perfect for this magazine.

If you love makeup and Instagram, wouldn’t you follow these standout brands? I know young girls would. This ad tells girls to follow certain brands to look a certain way. Would you like to know how to make your smoky eye cool, have great coverup for the best night out, or even find out what to use to have “real girl hairstyles”? It’s an enforcement of norm to wear makeup and to look your best and to be up to date with today’s glamorous looks. This ad drags more girls into the wrong concept of beauty. It makes young girls think that makeup is what defines your beauty.

This ad only listed a couple of brands, and as you know there are so many other makeup brands fighting to be the most “standout” ones. To write out “BEAUTY” in the background catches the eyes of teenage girls who are already obsessed with makeup which helps companies grab the attention of their buyers. Again, girls love makeup and no matter what they will think makeup is the key to good looks. Advertisements for makeup in magazines and on the television attract women and girls in a smart way, they make everything sound cool and amazing. The products make it sound like makeup can give you great guidelines to make yourself look beautiful and confident.

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