Trendy Hairstyles For Men In Nowadays

One thing about hairstyles for men is that it will never change. The short haircut specific for men will never get out of fashion, it is actually being adopted by women, too, so men do not have big concerns about how would they style their hair tomorrow in 2016. For guys who do not really care about fashion and ultimate trends, their hairstyle will always be the same and what is really good about it: they will still be trendy. Strange thing compared to women’s hairstyles. They always worry more about how they look and about the last trend and these things than men. That’s why men do not have to worry about fashion, women worry for them, too.


But for men who really like looking good and making impression to women, there are lots of hairstyles different from the classic haircut, also according to their personality.


Top Trendy Hairstyles for Guys


For a man who is more like the street style kind, the “army” style haircut might be just the answer for 2016. This hairstyle is really, really short on the left and the right side of the head and long and fuzzy on the top of the head. It has been on the top favorite hairstyles among these years for its innovating look, also favorite by different male celebrities.


For guys who like “vintage”, the “undercut” style (inspired from the 20’s) is a tougher style which can be adapted to any kind of face shape. You must be attentive that your stays perfect on the top of the head, so it would not make your face look to round.


For non-conformists, the “contrast line” style can be an easy way to show the rebel spirit and also to look absolutely great. The line between the superior and the inferior part of the head is the resistance piece of the whole style. It is a completely masculine hairstyle that will look even better with a cared, short beard.


The “dramatic” hairstyle for men is for those who appreciate elegance and drama after all. It is a style that fits all types of faces and hair colors, but it also requires a strong, dense hair to create the curved part effect.


The real-rebel rockers can enjoy a total fuzzy long hair that can be styled in only five minutes with a little bit of gel or wax. It brings out the rebel, free spirit of the men who like to be different from the usual, modern hairstyles and can be easily worn out with a same style of rebel, bur arranged beard.


So, men also know about how to wear their hair (but they are mostly styled by their girlfriends who always know better the great world of fashion). It can be said that men are lucky, even if they really do not care at all about fashion and trends; they will always be in the trend in what concerns hairstyle. Options are very accessible and stylish that it has been borrowed by women, too.

Thus, these suggestions about hairstyles can be a way to present the new trendy hairstyles for men catalog. Maybe this way, you will watch fashion with different eyes, right?