Ten Different Nail Shape Trends

Nail Shape Trends

Visiting your favorite nail shop is always a treat. However, with a number of options for how you want your nails to be shaped, it can be a bit confusing. Just like clothes, nail trends come in each and every year. In order to clear your confusion, below given are the real trends in the shape of the nails.


This shape is meant for short nails. It extends slightly from your nail bed maintaining its shape. This shape of nails makes your hand look slender.


If you do not want a natural rounded shape, then opt for the square shape nails with tip filled flat. This shape usually suits the short nails.

Rounded Square

This shape is nothing but simply a version of square nails and looks beautifully manicured. Simple nail art suits these shapes of nails. It’s also one of our office favorites at least among those that wear their nails much shorter.


If you have long nails and you need a slimmer feminine nails, then this is the best option. This nail shape can make your hand look longer. If you want your fingers to look slimmer then this is a good choice.


This nail shape is a combination of oval and square shape. This is a shape that is oval on the tips and square on the edges. It offers an acrylic look.


If you have long and sturdy nails and you want to try something unconventional, then this shape is the best.


If you wish to have a little more than oval nails, then you can try for almond nails. These are narrow nails ending in a rounded point. This shape makes your hand looks more slender.


No doubt this shape of the nail is undeniably cool, but this shape can make day to day functioning a bit tough. So, if you want to try this sort of shapes, try it beforehand with pointy press-on nails.

Mountain Peak

This is a combination of the almond shape with a stiletto point, but much shorter than its longer sister.


It is a funky shape for the nails. This shape is a fun for some special occasions.


This is an interesting shape as it’s a take on the square nail, but with a mountain peak point.

Therefore, above given are some of the latest nail shape trends that you can opt for if you wish.

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