Cocktail Attire for Women


When it comes to women’s fashion, there are so many options, unlike men. The growth of the fashion industry started only because of its adoption by women. So, in the multiple options that are available for women to wear, there is one particular dress called the cocktail dress. The cocktail dress isn’t something that the bartender wears. But it originated through a similar custom.

In the 1920’s the society saw the rise of ‘working women’. Since these women went to work, they were required to socialize with their colleagues or with their customers/clients. In order to socialize without formality, the companies began hosting the cocktail parties. Such occasions required the creation of a special type of dress. That is how the cocktail attire originated.

These cocktail dresses are about knee-length and are always found in abundance when you go to a cocktail party. But cocktail dresses are not only meant for the parties. It has also transformed to become a formal attire. But cocktail dress never goes out of style.  Most cocktail dresses are elegant than dresses designed for casual parties. They also have special beadworks sometimes.

Let us look at the different types of cocktail attire dress code that are being adopted by women across the world.

Shorter Dresses

If you think that the legs are the sexiest parts of your body and could attract anybody’s eyes, look out for a shorter cocktail dress. Women fashion experts suggest that little black dresses work the charm for women during the cocktail party. A short dress with a pointed-heel shoe would capture the attention of most people present in the party. But don’t wear simple dresses. Go for dresses that have a little bit of embellishment. Dresses that could glitter or shine would be amazing for such occasion. But make sure the dress isn’t too short and find yourself at the center of embarrassment.

Some of the women fashion experts say that the dresses that are just a few inches above the knee should work the magic. Also, ensure that the length of the dress is as long as the bottom of your fingertips when your hands are by your side.

Shorter dresses are also preferred as summer cocktail attires/tropical cocktail attires/coastal cocktail attire. This is because of the relaxed outlook that it gives compared to the other cocktail attire.

Ladies Cocktail Suits

Everybody’s level of comfort differs. Some like to show-off. Some like to cover up. If you feel more embarrassed to show-off your skin to the others, opt for a jacket with skirt or pants. Or in simple words, opt for a dressy suit for your next cocktail party. Dressy suits area acceptable for such an occasion. But the dress shouldn’t come off as really professional. It should look tailored and dress and should not give that ‘business-like’ look. People always find skirt suits acceptable on such occasions. However, you have to note that it all depends on how formal the occasion is. A dressy pantsuit will more or less work for such occasions.

There are also suits that are promoted as the ‘mother-of-the-bride’ suits. This is the dress that you’d find the mother of the bride wearing in the wedding. It works as a cocktail apparel. These dresses usually have softer lines and have dressy touches than the dresses that suit for work.

Women’s cocktail attire separates

It is not necessary to wear a cocktail dress all the time when there is an occasion. Sometimes, the separates do the job for you. Here are how the separates can do the work for such an occasion.


When you look for tops for a wearing to a cocktail occasion, look for those that have more elegant touches. These would typically fit-in in any cocktail party. When choosing the tops, ensure it does not give the business look or more casual look.  Experts say that tops with special details or embroidery paired with the right skirts or pants can make the best choice for wearing to a cocktail party. Also, when shopping for special occasion blouses, always look out for particulars. Look for dresses with tunic styles that has sexy-shoulder cut-outs. When it has special details like beads or lace, this could pass as the best cocktail attire.


The selection of skirts depends on your choice. Skirts come in a variety of sizes. Some could be few inches above your knee, some few inches below, and some cover your entire legs. But it is always necessary to choose a skirt that complements your top. You have to do this to prevent yourself from being a laughing stock in the party. Here are some of the tips to look for your perfect skirt.

  • If you have a tunic-style top, a straight skirt will make a good choice. But if you have a shorter blouse, go for something shorter with flowing silhouette.
  • Opt for a basic skirt made in elegant fabric like velvet, if you have a top with a lot of embellishments.
  • Opt for a skirt with a lot of sequins, laces, and beadwork if you have a basic top.


Not just skirts, even pants make a really good combination with your top. But again, selection of your top must depend on the occasion you’re wearing it for. For many of the dressy tops that are appropriate for the occasion, Palazzo slacks made from a fabric like a chiffon would make the best choice. Also, any flowing wide-leg trousers are also welcome for such occasion. But if you have a long tunic, go for skinny pants in the right shade that supplements your top.

Use the right advice from experts and showcase yourself beautifully with the right dress code, when you’re invited to the next party. The right choice of dress attracts the right eyes.

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